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November 15, 2006

i wish

Posted by dogpossum on November 15, 2006 3:49 PM in the category dogpossum

I had time to blog about procrastinating.
But I'm settling for:
a) very short entries
b) very odd and stream-of-consciousness entries.

I write my entries straight into movabletype and then click 'save'. Sometimes I proof-read.
I wish I had more discipline. But not too much.

Today in this book* I read about hypergraphia and hyperlogia.
I wondered (for a little moment) if I was a hypergraph**, then came to my senses.

But really, imagine that - being a compulsive writer. They're the sorts of people who produce hundreds of novels or pieces of music or ...other written down things. I think you have to be using a pen/pencil and paper rather than a keyboard to qualify, though.

It kind of reminds me of the story about Donald Friend on the 7.30 Report last night. Apparently he was a talented writer and artist. According to Lou Klepac,

Donald was given all these gifts, you know, writer, painter, draughtsman, could do anything, and he didn't squander his talents but he went in each direction a bit.

I'd like to think that's me - tremendous talents, but unrealised because I'm going just a bit in each direction, rather than actually getting my head down and going for it in one field. ahahhaha.
..ah. Uh. Well, that's what I'm going to think, so I don't get all low self esteemy.

But I wonder if part of Friend's problem was that he was a bit hyper...something. Couldn't settle and not do something. Had to be writing. Or painting. Or something.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this - I know nothing about Donald Friend (I didn't even watch the telly when the 7.30 Report was on, I just listened).
But I think my attention's been caught by all this obsessive-compulsive overwork type stuff in the air.
The university was in holiday mode today - the average age of people eating lunch had doubled, and people looked tired. Staff and postgrads were wandering the halls talking about being tired. And also (sneakily, I'm sure), in the midst of a writing-binge euphoria. On the parts of the postgrads at least.

Me, I feel on the edge of being hyper-productive. If I had a thesis to write, I'd be whipping off chapters by the dozen. But I don't. I just have papers to mark (I'm 7 short, which means I'll have to go in again to collect some... or get them mailed to me. Good thing I've been investing all that office-lady-kissingup, huh?). And an exchange to run. But they're very low-brain things. Lots of nittygritty detail, no real creative work or highbrain work. When I say 'lowbrain' I mean that it doesn't involve much serious thinking. Dancing is necessarily lowbrain (well, the way I do it, it is). Thesising is highbrain because it involves seriously complicated thinking over a long period of time. And you combine tasks - reading, writing, thinking. You plan ideas out over a long period of time, and have to keep all that stuff in your head without losing any. Careful, don't jostle - it'll spill.

...and right now, all this stressy overwork stuff is making me feel like I should be being creative. Writing interesting things. Solving difficult sewing problems.
But I'm talking crap on the internet instead. And wishing my latest CDs would arrive.

*you know, I couldn't remember who wrote this or what it was called - I had to go find it and see. It's because I read so many of these sorts of sort-of-SF and seriously-SF books whose names all sound the same. I don't really care about the authors either (unless it's MZB or other doods who I re-read religiously). I don't even buy these books - I borrow them from my ps.
You know, why is it that music nerds are freakishly anal about copying and borrowing music (ie they think it's a bad-naughty-wrong), but book lovers (who've been around for far far longer than recorded-music-lovers) are all over that shit?
I'm rapidly losing interest in the precious 'don't copy!' music argument. I have yet to hear a thorougly convincing case for never copying music.

So I'm taking a leaf (tee hee) out of my book-brain and being ok with borrowing. Though just with books, I'd really rather have my own copy of something really great.


Posted by dogpossum on November 15, 2006 3:49 PM in the category dogpossum