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October 24, 2006


Posted by dogpossum on October 24, 2006 11:57 AM in the category dogpossum

Oh god, I'm a bit overbusy.

I have to write two papers for the weekend in Canberra (one of which is due by the 10th November, and is 4000 words - so we can all read each others' papers before we get to the conference), and while I've had a bash at the CSSA one, it's not really up to snuff. And I've had a look at some stuff I might write for the dance seminar thing, but...

Let's just say that I'm a bit out of the writing way of things. It totally sucks because before I started teaching I was totally on with the writing thing. And now I am not.

In addition, we have ongoing MLX issues. Because we're only a few weeks away from DDay (or dee weekend if you'd rather), there are a million little jobs that need completing. I am thinking 'volunteers' and 'get those last couple of DJs to make up their minds' and 'paper program' and 'go pimp passes at classes every night'). The registration for passes closes on the 3rd November, so we have about a week to sell a few (million) more. Things look good, but it's a bit stressy. Especially as dancers like to leave it til the last minute. Especially Melbourne dancers.

I'm also doing those sets at the Spiegeltent (what was I thinking?).

And as of this afternoon I'll have a hundred exams to mark. Then from the 6th I'll have a hundred esssays to mark.

So when am I going to write those papers again?

And of course, the Great Dental Saga continues. Round two of the surprse root canal continued yesterday, and I was more brave than last time (mostly because all the drilling was done). I only cried a little bit, and was only a little bit scared. I found thinking of my lesson plans a nice distraction. Nothing numbs pain like tedium. And a few extra rounds of local anaesthetic (thanks Dr Scott - I know it's madness that it's still hurting in there, but it is. I'm trying to be tough, but that crying - it's not under my control any more. It's a response-to-pain thing). But it's back for round three next Monday, and then we're done. Well, except for the whole cleaning the rest of the teeth situation.

All this sucks because I previously had perfect teeth. But four years of neglect meant that a tiny cavity got to go crazy in my teeth and infected the nerve. So what have we learnt? Do NOT neglect your visits to the dentist - if I'd gone I'd have saved myself over a grand in cash and a lot of pain.

Yeah, so things are kind of hard at the moment. I must admit, though, I do like being really busy. I wish I had a few minutes to stop and think and perhaps a chance to think about the music I'll play. I'd also like a chance to go to yoga sometime soon. But I haven't been able to go in ages, and I haven't had a weekend off since I started teaching. Hell, I'd kill for just one day right now. One whole day where I could just do nothing. Maybe sew something. Or lie on the bed and read.

I have, though, been able to treat myself to afternoon films. The whole anaesthetic/pain/trauma thing has made it necessary for me to spend a bit of time sitting down before riding home from the dentist - thank goodness for the Kino across the road is all I can say. So I've seen a fair few films lately. Plus The Squeeze and I have squeezed in a Tuesday evening and a Sunday evening of date time so we can reacquaint ourselves with the features of the other's face. Maybe kiss 'em too.

And I've been going to bed really early and getting up early too. Later than 11pm? What? That's crazy talk! I am all about 9.30pm bedtimes these days.
But I have been doing more exercise - riding to work rocks.

And I'll have to leave that there. Got to go fuss over those papers for half an hour before heading off to the university. Think of me, will you?


Posted by dogpossum on October 24, 2006 11:57 AM in the category dogpossum