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September 11, 2006

ask me how I feel about marking

Posted by dogpossum on September 11, 2006 9:32 PM in the category teaching

Half an hour per paper, 70 papers. Yes please.

Ask me how many days til MLX6.
73. Am I worried about it? Nope.

Ask me about the papers I have to write., actually, don't.

Ask me about my application for funding goodness for the CSAA conference.
Yeah, it'll be cool. I'm all over it.
The paper for the conference that's getting me there and getting me the dosh?
Oh, look, something to do with the internet. It'll be neat.

Ask me about the shitful job I did DJing last week.
Why ask. I'm sure you've already heard.

...there's not so much going on in my life beyond work at the moment. This is about as exciting as it gets:
We are going lo-fi with the whole camera thing. We're saying no to lots of pixels and yes to emoting. We are all about emoting.

We are going to SLX on the 29th September, mostly because we need a holiday, and this kind of gets us off our arses. That'll be fun - we're looking forward to stooging it up at the Manly Jazz Festival, eating, napping, talking shit and possibly drinking (though I will drink only softees). It'll be just like an American road trip movie. But with more jazz. And fewer mooses (meese? baby meese?). Though I'm not sure about the boob part. There could be boobs. Or possibly moobs. Either way, somebody scores. And I'm not sure about the road part. I think there'll mostly be trains, the odd bus and definitely a ferry. And a plane or two. This post isn't going terribly well. Looks like teaching is sucking my creativity right out through my... well, I'm not sure how it's getting out of me, or where it's going. Just imagine that I was a bit cleverer and that this post was a bit more interesting. Remember the days when I was posting posts that actually covered more than jazz and had the prose thing going on, rather than the list thing.

But meanwhile, the thesis is at the printer and will be submitted tomorrow! Yay!

Posted by dogpossum on September 11, 2006 9:32 PM in the category teaching