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August 18, 2006

remember to breathe

Posted by dogpossum on August 18, 2006 8:08 PM in the category clicky

Because it is Friday night and I'm huddled under a pathetically thin home made quilt in the lounge room (where I would usually lounge, but am currently huddled over the warmth of my lappy) wishing I knew how to light the pilot light on the heater (yes, I know, I know, learned helplessness = crap) and waiting for The Squeeze to come home and cook me dinner (look, alright, I do realise what this implies about me) prior to my going dancing for the first time in ages, I'm taking time to write crappy blog posts.

I'm also listening to a new Duke Ellington CD (oh, alright, it's this one: ). I adore small group action (see my previous post on Benny Goodman's small groups), and this is no exception. I am pleased.

I've also had my imagination caught by ducky's Remember To Breath meme (over here).
It seems like the sort of exercise I'm into. So here are some things that make me happy:

1. making extremely lame dad jokes to a class full of teenagers, who then groan. I'd like to think it has something to do with my reclaiming the power of pun from the patriarchy, but it has more to do with simple humour and protuding funny bones. I have only one thing to say: "it's not a tutor!".

2. doing silly made up dances in the hallway for my own entertainment. These are not, in any way, cool or technically sophisticated works of art. They are silly dances which make me puff and feel lovely.

3. laughing like an idiot on the bus listening to the Media Report - it's not cool, it's nerdy, and it makes me feel ace.

4. re-reading Robin McKinley books. Also, re-reading a wind in cairo by Judith Tarr. It has horses and deserts in it, so I love it. Unfortunately, I have read it so many times I know each word by heart. But that's not the point, is it?

5. chick flicks, especially ones with cheerleaders in them. I have no excuse - I just LOVE that shit.

6. doing things like this in the park:

and then having things like this happen:

(that's my Squeeze there - isn't he fine?)

7. having breakfast at a cafe with That Squeeze, reading the paper while he does the crossword, having the nice waitress bring us our drinks without us ordering (we are Regulars), and then not having to remember to specify scrambled eggs.

8. riding somewhere with The Squeeze, telling each other stupid stories like this one, laughing a lot and feeling the endorphines and adrenaline pumping through me as we ride down a hill.

9. riding anywhere at speed, when I'm feeling pumped. There is nothing, nothing finer.

10. going to yoga on Wednesday mornings with the older kids. I love that shit. I love the way they make me laugh, I love doing the yoga thing and feeling my body really work. I love talking after class, I love the teasing, I love riding up to Sugar Dough for lunch afterwards. I love all of that very much.

-- I have to add more, because there are lots of wonderful things that I have to mention.--

11. listening to albums like this one (especially songs like 'Rigamarole', 'Viper's Moan' and 'Chimes at the meeting'), or stuff by bands like the McKinney's Cotton Pickers - bands that are really fiery but serious fun as well - sassy stuff, where the musicians yell out with excitement - can't contain themselves when the music really COOKS - mid-song. It just makes me feel great inside - all jiggly and excited.

12. watching clips of amazing dancers from the 30s and 40s - that rocks. I look at stuff like this:

and I just get so excited - that is some SERIOUSLY great stuff.

...oh, I could go on and on and on. But The Squeeze is home and we have to go swap stories of our day.

What are the little things that make you feel good?

Posted by dogpossum on August 18, 2006 8:08 PM in the category clicky