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August 4, 2006

oh yeah

Posted by dogpossum on August 4, 2006 6:57 PM in the category academia

And I had my paper approved for the CSAA conference (read about it here). I didn't unfortunately, score the bursary/grant thingy. Which means that it'll be next to impossible for me to get to the conference to give the paper. Got no money for airfares, no money for conference registration, no money, no money, o.

The scholarship ends on the 19th, which is ok, as the thesis is totally done (did I mention that? I'd like to say there's been some quiet triumph in our house ever since, but The Squeeze says it's more the fact that there's been a significant increase in shouting, carousing and declarative one-stanze (one-line) songs about how great the Ham is). But it does mean that I now, officially, have no income.

Oh, no, wait. I'm tutoring like total tutoring stooge instead. I am taking sixty million classes in a media studies subject (best not to name it, as the little darlings are a wee bit internet savvy, and google will get me in trouble... note to self: do not mention thesis topic ever again in class), so I almost have enough money to cover my PT tickets.

There are some good bits of this, and some crap.

I love teaching. I think it's a power thing. I goddamn LOVE being in front of an audience, and I LOVE to talk, so it's all good. But I have been practicing Shutting Up this semester, which is hard, but rewarding: we have dialogues rather than monologues.
I love teaching media stuff: who doesn't have something to say about telly or books or magazines or the internet?
I learn a lot. Ask me about CD next time we meet. Your brain will be blown.
It gets me out of the house.

It costs a lot to get there.
I can't ride my bike and I miss it.
I'm overworked and exploited.
I'm really really tired.

Anyway, I'd like to go to the conference, but can't afford it. Looks like academia is for rich kids, huh?

Posted by dogpossum on August 4, 2006 6:57 PM in the category academia