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August 1, 2006

i want a big shouting man and an analogue mouse

Posted by dogpossum on August 1, 2006 12:11 AM in the category clicky and music


I just can't get enough of this man's shouting voice.

We're listening to that album I mentioned here. It's far too late for such exciting music, but we like to live dangerously.

I should go to bed. The Squeeze is watching some old skool computer nerd peep action: The Mother of all Demos (you can read about it here on wikipedia).
The Squeeze likes to read about old computer stuff. The other day he went to see a talk about the first computer mouse:

"The first computer mouse and other terrific tales of technology!"
The Stork Hotel Café, 504 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Who says the history of computing is boring? Experience the droll delights of Information Age nostalgia in a raucously profound evening of low-tech storytelling with your host School of Business Information Technology academic John Lenarcic in conversation with Museum Victoria curator David Demant.
He had a lovely time. I went to see Super Dood Returns and had a lovely time.

When I make up the bed in the back room, I usually find at least two books about olden days computers (today I found the phone that I lost yesterday), the remote for the imac, and some sort of cord for the computer. And usually a belt and a pair of pajama pants. He must own at least a million books about computer history. I've read a few of them - ones about macs, or ebay or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or other stuff. It's mostly dull, and written by semi-literate journalists, but The Squeeze is a big fat sponge for computer knowledge (and hardware - he's a bit borg I think. All technology is belong to him, and will be assimilated. Resistance is futile).

But this demo on google movies is pretty impressive - this dood Douglas Englebart invented a mouse in 1968, and demonstrates it in this film. That's some awesome shit - we didn't start using them til the 90s. And this guy is there, in a black and white film, with his massive quiff and black horn-rimmed glasses, demonstrating some scarily advanced technology.

The Squeeze is about to pass out with delight. When he stumbled onto the film moments ago, he declared: "I didn't think this existed!"
That and the Big Joe Turner shouting action - this little freckler is going to expire from delight.

I, however, am going to pass out from exhaustion.

Posted by dogpossum on August 1, 2006 12:11 AM in the category clicky and music