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June 5, 2006

useful music and DJing resources

Posted by dogpossum on June 5, 2006 9:27 PM in the category clicky and djing and music

Music References
A music resource site with one of the most comprehensive (but by no means complete) guides to jazz and other music.
Red Hot Jazz Archive
Red Hot Jazz
Guides to jazz music.
Brian's list
A local DJ's list of great songs for dancers.

Radio Shows
Yehoodi radio show
The Yehoodi Radio shows are perhaps the most swing dancer-relevant radio programs available, produced by swing dancers for swing dancers. The focus is primarily on lindy hop, but not exclusively. The guest DJs are from all over the world and often post their set lists on SwingDJs or are otherwise regular posters on that board. The shows cover every type of swing dancing music, and the schedule is as follows:

* Stormy Mondays
Contemporary swing and jazz from artists, like Oscar Peterson, Barbara Morrison, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ernestine Anderson, and more!

* Toe Tapping Tuesdays
Swing with the big boys of big band and classic jazz, including Count Basie, Duke Elllington, Harry James and Buddy Johnson. Add a few contemporary artists, like George Gee, Bill Elliott and Dave Berger, and you're in big band heaven!

* Jumpin' Wednesdays
"It Rocks! It Rolls! It Swings! It Jumps! It puts you in the groove!" - The Treniers said it best. We've got a brand new format for hump-day. Tune into Yehoodi Radio on Wednesdays for the finest in jump blues, boogie woogie and early rhythm & blues. Catch the Kansas City flavah!

* Guest DJ Thursdays
Entire broadcasts of favorite tracks hand-picked by the local swing DJs you know and love. It's like having your own personal DJ-ed event right on your desktop!

* Producer's Picks:
Radio show producer, Jesse Miner, brings you a cool mix of his favorite tunes.

* Mixed Up Weekends
A weekend blend of everything.

Hey Mr Jesse!
Hey Mr Jesse is a talk show devoted to swing dancing music hosted by popular (and stunningly knowledgeable) American DJ Jesse Miner and Spuds (Manu Smith). The show discusses all types of swing dancing music, features interviews with big-name musicians and bands and an ‘8-count’ list of 8 top dancing songs. Show notes for each of the monthly shows are also available. Jesse and Manu are enthusiastic about audience-responses and welcome emails from listeners

Discussion Boards
An American-based (but internationally focussed) discussion board for swing dance DJs. Covers a wide range of musical styles (from old school scratchies, through groove, hi-fi and so on…) and is effectively moderated to keep threads on track. Posters are friendly and helpful, and the board encourages members to use their real names. An excellent resource for DJing technique, but also for swing dance music.

A discussion board related to blues dancing and music. Perhaps not as comprehensive as SwingDJs for music, but one of the few boards which is exclusively devoted to blues music and dancing. The posters are friendly and good contacts for plugging into blues dancing culture.

Swing Talk Threads
There are many useful and interesting discussions here on Swing Talk about DJing for swing dancers and about swing music. The best place to start is in the Big Beat a Rockin’ forum. Here are some that seem to have the most useful and on-track discussions:

Cheap CDs
Swing Talk thread listing the cheapest sources for CDs (for swing dance music).

DJ Bubs
Swing Talk thread where new (and experienced) DJs can ask questions about DJing – music, technique, theory, networking, etc

Online Requests box
Swing Talk thread where dancers can request songs they’d like to hear on the dance floor.

Swing Talk thread discussing blues music.

Previewing Music Online
Useful sites not only for buying music, but also for listening to clips from albums.

Buying music online
JB online
Cheap Australian online ordering.
Jazz by mail
Barnes and Nobles
Gemm Records

Record Labels
Stomp off Records
JSP Records
Proper Records

Posted by dogpossum on June 5, 2006 9:27 PM in the category clicky and djing and music