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January 25, 2006


Posted by dogpossum on January 25, 2006 7:14 PM in the category clicky

Recent news:

Last weekend it was 42 during the day on Saturday and Sunday. 24 hours later it was 12 degrees. That's some crazy, mixed up shit. Ah, Melbourne - every temperature you care to name. In a week.
We nearly expired of the heat over the weekend, and resolutely spent the time indoors. As per usual, I spent the time constructively fiddling with websites.

No, not this one. The new site for MLX6. No, don't bother looking - it's not up yet.
It is, however, a spectacularly clever application of Movable Type. Hoorah for powerful, simple ways of publishing. Free and powerful - what could be better. I'm particulary proud of the way I've used categories to order my pages, and the seperate 'entry body', 'extended entry' and 'title' fields to organise the data on the page. I am quite the cleverest person I know right now.
Its use of categories means there are only 2 templates to fiddle with. Hoorah - less work!
Its use of Movable type means that updating content on the site will be as easy as accessing the MT editing page, typing in the boxes and hitting 'save'. Yay! It also means that anyone can update content, so if I suddenly go MIA, someone else can take over - double yay!

We have yet to decide on things like themes for MLX6 (any ideas?), and we haven't even decided who's doing what exactly. We have, however, started thinking about an organised approach to PR, and to making contact with our contacts. After last year we have conclusive proof that we are an arse-kicking event management team, that running MLX can be low stress and actually fun, and that this year's MLX will be fantabulous. My major concerns are, of course, visuals and layouts - a neat logo, a catchy theme, etc etc. The rest of the crew can worry about inconsequentials like bands and DJs and dance floors (though if you can think of any good ones...).

On other fronts, The Squeeze and Crinks have been sending each other photos of insanely cute rodents like this little thing and the ones in the flickr bunny pool (linkage, crinkle?). This is the latest in a torrent of images from places like RMB is one of those stupid voting sites where you rate a picture - could be of a poo, a penis, a face, kittens, puppies, whatever. The bunny site is the best, in part because bunnies are so unusual (to me, anyway), because I'm not allergic to bunnies, and because bunnies have really big ears.
I have a strict bunny-rating criteria: less than 5 for crap quality photos. Less than 3 if there's a child or person in the photo. Bunnies with 'up' ears are likier to score well than ones with 'down' ears, though there are exceptions. Dress your bunny up in demeaning human costumes and you score less than 3. Include baby bunny photos and you can add 2 points automatically.
I can happily burn hours (ok, minutes) on RMB: good, clean family fun.

So far as our education flicker fest goes, we had a recent run of rubbish: I found a J-Lo film I hadn't seen, we saw the Peter Sellers biopic and completely wasted our time with the Ray Charles biopic: it was fucking awful. Tedious! Dull! Dumb! Poorly acted! Unnecessarily wanky editing and camera tricks. Everyone knows that a decent biopic just tells it like it is: if they're not interesting enough people to make a good story, don't try to dress it up with fancy camera stuff. From Ray, you'd think the man was dull as dog shit - surely he wasn't? Oh well.

But tonight it's Chinatown. More gangstery/noir goodness.

Posted by dogpossum on January 25, 2006 7:14 PM in the category clicky