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December 6, 2005

more procrastination... goddang the intynet

Posted by dogpossum on December 6, 2005 11:47 AM in the category dogpossum

and house cleaning is DONE. been fiddling with the statcounter code and doing some blog tidying.
and it's done.
so now i can quit procrastinating and get back to the thesis. yay!

it's a rainy crap day, so i'm not sorry to stay indoors....

extraneous details:
- last night i went to yoga. crinks and i are doing bubs or ones. we've just moved up to ones, and it's some scary shit. lots of inverted pose action. but i like to do bubs on monday and ones on wednesday.
- i'm thinking of popping up to the cornish arms to see the pearly shells tonight. they don't swing so much, but chris tanner is playing with them tonight. and hell, it's free, it's a 5minute bike ride, i might catch up with some nice people, it's nice to lean on the bar and drink pineapple juice and mineral water while The Squeeze has a pint. we used to eat dinner there too, but the kitchen has gone to crap. blurgh.
- i haven't been dancing at a dancer run event since mlx. that's nearly 2 weeks. i have been to see two bands though this week and last, and danced a lot in sydney. i am very much in love with virus atm - holy SMOKES that young trumpeter is GOOD! i mean, blow-your-brains-out good. it's very excellent to go jiggle about with the crazy old jazz niks to virus on a saturday afternoon - and for free, too! i'm interested in going to see the Society Syncopators this saturday at the vic jazz club i think* - $12 though. so i'm getting a gutful of dixie these days - bring on the CHARLESTON! YEAH!! and then there's cbd on thursday night, and the funpit on friday night (both dancer-run, DJed doos).
- crinks and i are making fillums. short fillums. we talk about the ideas together, we film it together, then she edits it. i've been doing the burning of cd copies and could possibly draw the titles. each film is a gem: 100% craptastic stupidity. beautiful. so far we share them with our friends (meaning The Squeeze and michael in sydney). long live the pun! one day we may even get a cast of more than two people together. one day we may buy our own camera and quit borrowing rob's or using crinks' dad's crappy little still digital camera. one day. but we're pretending we're robert rodriguez using only scraps of film and with no budget, aiming for a local release rather than international fame. so it's all about doing it tough.

*for those weird, crazy stalkers who are reading: just because you know where i'll be, don't mean you can stop me snubbing you. so quit with the stalking already.

Posted by dogpossum on December 6, 2005 11:47 AM in the category dogpossum