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December 12, 2005

impending and immanent doom

Posted by dogpossum on December 12, 2005 3:05 PM in the category dogpossum

I went to that stupid BBQ yesterday and kissed stupid Brian* (only the cheek, though - is that a good or a bad thing?) and now I have a stupid cold. Guess that's why I couldn't smell all the horrid smells everyone was crapping on about at the BBQ yesterday.
But anyway, back to the cold. A horrible, stupid cold - I have a chest full of goob and a nasty, wracking cough that really hurts my throat. I have a temperature, sore glands in my neck, sinus ache, goobs in my nose and sinuses and I am the definition of lassitude.
Poor ham. And just when I was getting hardcore with yoga and dancing (probably because I was getting hardcore with yoga and dancing).
So I've been lying on the bed reading and doing some doodling on the internet. No doubt i'll have to rewrite everything once I'm properly lucid again - I kind of write like I'm transcribing trances for whirling dervish when I write ill, particularly when I have a temperature... but anyway. I've added some articles to FSP, noting the vast number of bands on in coming weeks (mostly trad jazz, and at least 3 I've never seen - all featuring the same guy, Mike McQuaid, so I'm interested), wondering if I'll be well enough by Wednesday to do this gig.

I'm also carrying some mild Christmas-related anxiety. Did anyone else know it was only 13 days away? Has anyone bought any presents? Booked that restaurant for Boxing Day? Done anything more than order about 6kg of meat for 4 people?

And it's hot and windy, with rain looming...
Bah. Humbug.

*Brian has had a heavy cold for a while. That's why this point is relevant.

Posted by dogpossum on December 12, 2005 3:05 PM in the category dogpossum