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October 13, 2005

yeah, right. fat lot you know

Posted by dogpossum on October 13, 2005 6:37 PM in the category academia

Sure, it looks like I'm wasting time while I should be thesising. And yes, I have downloaded and watched a bunch of dance clips, solved a few minor MLX problems, uploaded a page on the MLX site to plug the new Tshirts (only $22 each, btw and tres sexy), blogged like I'm avoiding something, altered a skirt and had breakfast today. And all after getting up at 12pm (it's this blocked ear: I'm sleeping like the dead, for hours and blissfully uninterrupted hours).
But that doesn't mean I haven't also written a draft of the paper I'm giving at the CSSA conference (complete with stupid jokes about Dancing with the Stars and comparisons between academic conference goers and lindy-crazed exchange punters). I've even inserted at least one clip of blues dancers to make a point (and a joke), and surveyed other clips, looking for the perfect bit of footage to open the paper with. Hence the interest in clips today: it's research.

It is quite lovely to be back on the insanely productive horse again. Sigh. I've had enough of thesis-blockage issues, and what seems to be an ever-increasing case of thesis-completion-anxiety. Something only those of us who've been at uni since 1993 (seriously - only 2 6month periods off!) can lay claim to.

Oh, I should note: I've been watching Firefly, because we finally got around to getting it, and because we saw Serenity and it galvanised us. We love Firefly. It's better than Battlestar Galactica even, because BG takes itself sooooo seriously, andFirefly is for clever postmodern people like us. And it has queer-friendly jokes which makes me happy and silly gun jokes which make Dave happy.

Posted by dogpossum on October 13, 2005 6:37 PM in the category academia