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March 22, 2005


Posted by dogpossum on March 22, 2005 6:41 PM in the category

how goes it?
oh, same old.

the thesis is sort of plodding along. i'm involved in this project on lord of the rings and i hate tolkein and the films so goddamn much it's impeding the fulfillment of research assistant responsibilities. i hate thinking about the stupid goddamn film, the dull as dogshit books. and i've got tonnes of raw media to enter into endnote. urk. but we have a meeting tomorrow, so i have to get at it.
observations on lotr data so far:
1) it's a goddamn dull film.
2) tolkein was a goddamn dull man.
3) the films were insufferably goddamn dull.
4) it's a good thing i'm getting paid for this.
5) i am the only one who finds tolkein utterly goddamn dull. am i also the only one who doesn't feel Moved by an interminable bloody Quest narrative peopled only by hopelessly repressed, straggle-haired male characters? why aren't there any interesting female characters in this mess (don't comment - i'm not interested. i'm Set In My Ways on this one)? who the FUKK would want to shag a goddamn elf? they are so goddamn boring! and WHAT is with that Matrix accent/diction that's getting about? should we blame hugo for this? why can't anyone open their mouth properly when they speak any more?


but i struggle on. hopefully i'll find something critical in one of these articles. beyond the tax thing (which i probably made up in desperation. i forget...).

but the thesis is good. i love it. it loves me. thing is, this chapter is really big, and i really can't make it smaller. i keep making it bigger. i can't help it. i've just got a lot to say.
oh well.
will edit more tomorrow.

sorry about this uncomfortably personal entry. i know it's a bit of a trend. i'll try to be more urban gothic for you broos.
especially since The Mother sent me an email this week (#3), where she at once stated that she wasn't sure she "wanted everyone reading about me" and also that Dad was a bit niggeldy because he wasn't in it more.
The Squeeze suggested i write an entry in praise of dad, but i'm not so sure.
would that be compromising?

i keep meaning to write a serious entry where i outline my thesis, or some of the clever thoughts i've had lately, or discuss the Really Important stuff i've read lately.
but i just haven't done it.
seems the only time i really feel like writing entries is on the bus. not surprising, really - it's over an hour with nothing but reading, trying not to fall out of my seat (what is it with the 251 drivers?) and trying not to vomit to do.
seems my belly has rediscovered its travel sickness. thought i'd ditched that with adolescence. nope. i don't know what the deal is, but i'm pretty shitty about not being able to read on the bus anymore.
probably comes of not riding on buses or in cars much anymore. you don't get much motion sickness on a bike.

Posted by dogpossum on March 22, 2005 6:41 PM in the category