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March 15, 2005

i procastinate

Posted by dogpossum on March 15, 2005 2:29 PM in the category

things that have happened lately:
- we buy a breadmaker. i know, i know, it's almost like we want to be mocked, but hell. i had some cash, the squeeze eats more bread than a dutchie and the p's were in town and we all know what the p's are good at. yes. shopping. so we did. we could have done with a larder to put all kitchen shit in, but it was not to be.
- i make lovely multigrain bread.
- i burn my left forefinger on the breadmaker badly. enough to make me take pain killers and sit up to watch an extra hour or two of battlestar galactica until it was waaay past my bedtime. it makes typing hurt.
- the p's visit, we go see cirque de soleil, we go out to eat a lot.
- we go (with the ladies) to eat roti at the amazing roti joint on sydney rd (east side, south of melville rd but north of albion). we eat muuuucho. food = excellent. joint specialises in malaysian, indonesian, indian and singaporean food. clientele reflect this. except for squeeze, crin and i: 100% skip. will return. especially as it was chhhheeeeaaaap and 'just like home'*.
- i work on freeswingpress but really amn't very good at it. the more i learn, the higher my ambitions. the less done it gets. i get cranky.
- i ignore
- i go nuts for yoga at the rathdowne yoga room. i love it. the gym is abandoned. utterly.
- i learn to do the waggling swivelly foot thingy in 20s charleston. despite having 'learnt' the dance about 4 years ago, i haven't learnt the proper feet before. i have no excuse but laziness. but now i can.
- i teach a couple of chicks the 'swivels in 60 seconds' technique (a la bill borghida, current teaching idol) at a dance night and see one do the most amazing swivel i've ever seen, ever. truly amazingly amazing. the other huzzahs and adds it to her lesson plans for next week. thank you bill borghida: bringing de lindy hop in all it's technical goodness to dancers everywhere.
- we barbeque a lot. the xmas bbq is thoroughly worked. cancer seems ineveitable.
- i make amazing salad. virgin olive oil or macadamia nut oil = A1.
- the squeeze gets into tango in a big way.
- i lose interest in tango owing to extreme tedium of following at total beginner level and lead-heavy numbers making leading in classes frustrating. i don't go to tango classes and the squeeze, guilt-ridden begs me to come so teacher will have students. i fob him off with ready-made excuse about yoga obsession.
- i miss out on seeing the lovely grace at tango (back from europe).
- i plan a hair cut.
- i put photo of self on front page of freeswingpress and wonder if it's wrong. but secretly admire self dancing with lovely zee-from-singapore.
- redefine meaning of secretly
- i admire self with short hair and long for hairdresser appointment.
- i write two chapters in a fortnight and gloat.
- i do no uni work for a week and find it difficult to get back into work.
- i procrastinate. to the degree of writing on blog after extended hiatus.

*D says

Posted by dogpossum on March 15, 2005 2:29 PM in the category