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January 2, 2005


Posted by dogpossum on January 2, 2005 2:28 PM in the category

i know it's been a long time since i last posted, but things have been busy. i was in tasmania for around 6 weeks - 2 months, christmas happened, then new years and now. well. there was mlx in the middle, which was far funner than expected, probably owing to the fact that i was thrilled just to be in melbourne and having a break, as well as being gleefully responsibility-free, as a non-volunteer and non-hoster. ah, me-first. what bliss.

then i did some workshops in tasmania with bill and julee and the tasmanian dancers. the tasmanians do truly rock. i am also enjoying something of an extended dance epiphany. the secret? dancing is simpler than you'd think. phew.

now i'm back in melbourne, and will start work on the thesis again on monday. or perhaps tuesday, as i'm slotted in for an appointment at the gym. max has left the wick baths, but i'm settling for disco-moustache man. hopefully he'll be as good as max. hopefully.

this year sees me thinking about taking up tap (still), african dance (possibly), hiphop (again, possibly), yoga more intensively (as it rawks), more swimming, and most interesting of all, sword fighting for the stage. i'm facinated. but not sure where to begin.

but in celebration of the new year, i've added an ordinary-quality photo of crin and i being pirates at the mlx ball. there were other pirates in our gang, but they were either taking the photo or in the hall already doing performances.

Posted by dogpossum on January 2, 2005 2:28 PM in the category