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October 18, 2004


Posted by dogpossum on October 18, 2004 7:12 PM in the category old sew and sew

i've perfected my pattern for 30s berets. the perfect accessory for a neat 30s women's outfit. very chic, especially with a pair of long, wide legged trousers. this is a very nice look.

i've been making lots of clothes for lotte, which require a beret. this is the sort of look i've got going for her:

she's actually proportioned like the women in these pictures, so these outfits look awesome on her. the early 30s are her era.

i also like this look:

similar sort of style. lotte isn't as androgenous, but the style is nice. lots of excellent trouser. and a lot more interesting than the mainstream, late 30s american fashion. this french stuff rawks.

though we're also planning some overalls like the orange ones in this photo:

i've bought some turquoise fabric, rather than orange, will be just as good. they didn't have any of the fabric in the orange. it's a very lotte colour.

this is the other idea for overalls:

this is actually a 40s pattern. that orange one is a later 30s (post 1935) pattern.
40s stuff is very chic with swingers, very swing, but i tend to associate it with the west coast in the 40s, the movement of lindy hop into the mainstream and the whole white appropriation of the dance. i'm really digging the 30s era on the east coast a whole lot more. i prefer the dance itself (a la whitey's lindy hoppers etc), i prefer the fashion of the 30s, and i know lotte does as well.

so it's all cool.

Posted by dogpossum on October 18, 2004 7:12 PM in the category old sew and sew