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October 19, 2004

he's my man

Posted by dogpossum on October 19, 2004 7:17 PM in the category

today has been a slack day. i've only got two books left to work through from my latest library trawl. i'm pretty sure i want to take on stuart hall's work on globalisation and diaspora. now i need to find more of his stuff and of stuff by people who also dig his work.
so of course i've procrastinated all day.
a late start, a little time over breakfast. some internet play.
the of course, i had to go to the gym to go for my first ever swim in my new togs, in melbourne, at the gym.
i was brave about what is, essentially, semi nudity in a public place. if i was a gay man i'd have some anxiety issues. but seeing as how i'm not, no one was looking at me, so i'm cool... not that the baths are anywhere near as popular with the gay blokes as the valley pool in brisbane was. but still. a pear-shaped chick in modest black togs (even if they do have a particularly spiffy zip up the back. note to self: attach string to zip for easier escapes) is really not even a blip on most people's radar.

at any rate, it was quite lovely. the water was a little warm for my liking. this was outside, so i'm a bit concerned about the summer temperatures. and i did 30 laps of the 50m pool. so i'm now, officially, an athlete.
ok, so i'm still not hugely speedy. but i'm fitter than i was last time i was doing laps (in brisbane). and i still have a decent stroke, so i'm not shaming myself.
the whole strong-in-your-center thing is very useful in swimming (is there any physical activity for which it's not useful?): a more stable center makes for less wasted energy in the pool. hence the 30 laps, rather than, say 20 or 25.
i am also interested in the kick boards, as they make we work my legs a whole lot more. and it's harder to stay centered. i do so much upper body work in the gym i figure it's time to pound my lower body.
between that and dancing i figure it'll all be good.

other than that, i've not done much. i did wash my light quilt. hoorah. and i ate a nice sandwhich for lunch. home made. and i watched 2 episodes of angel, from season 4 or 5 or whatever it was.

yes, it has been a busy day, hasn't it.
i will try to do better tomorrow.

meanwhile, i would like to get through this second last book. there's stuart hall in there. and he's my man.

Posted by dogpossum on October 19, 2004 7:17 PM in the category