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July 16, 2004

Tate modern

Posted by dogpossum on July 16, 2004 7:03 AM in the category england

I went to the Tate Modern, finally, yesterday. And it was as big and amazing as I remember. Just a whole heap of industrial brickage, lying there on the side of the Thames.

Ace. I wondered around inside and took a whole bunch of photos then went down the river a bit and looked at the outside of the Globe. I didn’t really feel up to going in and doing a tour. Then I walked across the Millenium Footbridge, which is very convenient – nice, slightly windy and vertiginous, and packed with pedestrians. You can walk right from the Tate to St Paul’s Cathedral. I would have gone into St Paul’s, but I did it last time, and you have to pay. Last time I went I climbed right up to the very top. Took ages, but I got there and it was really worth. I have photos, I think or no, I don’t. you weren’t allowed, I don’t think.

I almost did a lot more yesterday, but I was definitely feeling a little rough around the edges - lots of late nights, lots of exercise, lots of site-seeing during the day and then not sleeping so well - the sun is rising early and waking me up in this lovely loft. Tomorrow I am doing more touristy things. And will be rested enough to get the best from these long hours of sunlight.

I have very few photos of London. As these photos show, the little dig isn’t as excellent for taking long distance photos oh well.

Here are some poor efforts.

From the second floor, looking down into the huge turnbine room entrance, with the entry underneath me. note the giant spider thingy.

and then the spider, closer, from the same side...

the spider again, from the opposite angle...

and then the tate mod as i walked across the bridge.

and looking towards london bridge (east? who can say... i spent most of that day travelling underground. except the bits where i was wondering around soho).

Posted by dogpossum on July 16, 2004 7:03 AM in the category england