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July 3, 2004


Posted by dogpossum on July 3, 2004 2:43 AM in the category

here are some of the decent photos of family i took. not all of them, but some of the best.

that's catrina, my uncle tim's wife. i was jealous of her hat all day. isn't that a lovely smile?

this next one's tim. he's not actually as much of a sadsack as this photo suggests. but i love the photo. he's the youngest of my dad's siblings.

and this is Mia, my giant cousin tom's partner. she's gorgeous, and really seems to epitomise the welsh to me - no bullshit, but friendly and fun, gorgeous, most excellent.

and this is vicky. i hadn't seen her since i was about 4. we have the same body. this big smile is a perfect image of her: as tim described her, 'vicky's always good for a laugh'.

there are 8 of us cousins on that side. dad had 3 siblings (2 boys and one girl). his sister tish's eldest son owen was getting married to lucy. becky and claire are tim and catrina's daughters (they're also the youngest cousins). i'm the eldest cousin (and dad is the eldest of the siblings). my brother and parents didn't go to the wedding, nor did vicky's brother gareth. otherwise, we were all there, except for nanna, whom we all miss her. check the march 8 entry for a pic of her and grandad.

grandpa told me at the wedding that she was a keen dancer and into jitterbug. which i'd never known. how ironic, huh?

Posted by dogpossum on July 3, 2004 2:43 AM in the category