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May 31, 2004

workin', workin'

Posted by dogpossum on May 31, 2004 1:24 PM in the category

ok, so i leave on the 26th of june. and i'm still wading through bureaucratic bullshit. you wouldn't beleive the work involved in actually getting this grant thing sorted. i had a run in with the insurance people (arseholes), met about half a dozen very useful people in grants, the finance office and the faculty office, spent at least two hours in a travel agent trying to get my itinerary sorted, and sent a jillion emails.

it's insane.

but finally, the flights are booked and i'm going. i've had to ditch the french bit of my trip, unfortunately, so i can't go to the sea, sun and swing camp in la grande motte. that utterly sucks, as it was the one bit i was really looking forward to.
otherwise, i'm going to a wedding in wales, i'm (hopefully) going to see some of the countryside there, i'm doodelly dooing around england, i'm spending time in london, doing dance and other stuff, i'm going to Herrang in sweden for the camps (for a week and a bit), i'm going to a savoy camp in england after that, and then i'm stopping off in bangkok on the way home, where i'll arrive on the 8th august.
i really liked bangkok the other times i've been, but unfortunately, i will once more be limited by time and $$ to only a few days. oh well.

so i've a busy trip ahead of me. i've mixed feelings about herrang - it should be fun, but i've never been all that keen to go there for my own sake. too much crazy cult action. and while there'll be some arseholes from australia there, i'm sure i can avoid them. it'll be a chance to catch up with dancers from all over the world, and to meet lots of new, excellent people as well.
and from a research a perspective, it will be facinating. i'm trying to sort out some interviews as well... i will be buuuusy.

major jobs left to do:
- contact family in england and wales to secure accomodation and lifts to the wedding
- sort out some rail passes for the uk
- plan the london bit more thoroughly
- confirm bangkok
- actually pay for ticket - hurry up finance dept!

there are also about a million other things to do as well. my to-do list is huuuge.

so of course, i've responded with some compulsive sewing. under the pretense that i'll need lots of dance wear, so i have to whip up some things. but really, probably more an opportunity to Indulge.

meanwhile, i'm coughing up goobs, blowing out goobs and sneezing out goobs. tres sexy.

Posted by dogpossum on May 31, 2004 1:24 PM in the category