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May 2, 2004


Posted by dogpossum on May 2, 2004 6:54 PM in the category

sure, we had tomatoes.

heeeaps of them. that photo's from the 10th march. it was a jungle. we still have jillions of cherry tomatoes on one bush, and a few romas on the little, stunted bush. but the so-called smaller, patio tomatoes were huuuuuge. they took over the veggie patch. finally i dug them up so The Squeeze had somewhere to play on the weekends (he loses interest in the veggies as soon as they produce, and wants to rip them out to plant new things). i get orange arms from reaching into the tomato plants. i'm a bit sick of tomatoes, esp since i gave myself a sore tongue from eating too many acidic cherry tomatoes.
but the other tomatoes have been replaced with a lovely layer of fresh mulch and some little seedling bubbs.
meanwhile, the zuchini plants (two - producing just enough fruit for us two) are going nuts, spreading across the concrete under the clothesline.
we've got a real brunswick back yard - half concrete, half veggie patch - and the laundry gets all tangled in the veggie stakes. but it's lovely when it trails in the herbs and leaves the smell of mint in the air...

Posted by dogpossum on May 2, 2004 6:54 PM in the category