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March 8, 2004

illustrated girl

Posted by dogpossum on March 8, 2004 10:04 PM in the category


terri came around to see my new house a little while ago - well, a fair while ago now (november or december '03)- sporting this little number
she'd been talking about gettin' some serious ink for a while, but this was the first time i'd seen it. it's just huge (that's a whole big tattoo there, all over her back, just in case you hadn't twigged yet).
and quite beautiful, i think.
terri is quite the decorated girl. as one noted social commentator had pointed out, she can accessorise like a muthafukkah. and i think this is quite the ultimate accessory she's sporting. not to trivialise... though fashion (and accessorising) is certainly no trivial matter to terri. or to me, for that matter. it is quite an art to know what little detail will finish off an ensem in just the right way.
it's truly impressive work. you can't help but touch.
and you know what? it doesn't rub off.
that's the sort of thought that goes through your head when you're looking at someone else's tatt. especially when you're undecorated yourself. terri as a number of other tattoos, and some interesting piercings. she's also beautiful, and one dang-hot dresser. she's queen of the op-shops, is a complete crap-magnet, but doesn't come out of it dressing like a crazy person. she looks groovy. fashionable. seriously accessorised.

Posted by dogpossum on March 8, 2004 10:04 PM in the category