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March 8, 2004

fuss fuss fuss

Posted by dogpossum on March 8, 2004 5:55 PM in the category

some things that are annoying me about my site:

- the double spacing in the entries. i don't like the wasted space. waste-not-want-not, i say.
- the big spaces everywhere. perhaps it's an agoraphobia thing. spending 15 years in a hilly city has spoilt me for wide open spaces. they are Not To Be Trusted.
- the way we're reminded at the end of each entry that it was 'posted by dogpossum'. yes, yes. we'd kind of gathered that. perhaps if i was a collective, i'd dig that feature. but i want it GONE.
- the entry pages. because i haven't started looking at that yet.
- the way you're asked if you'd like to 'continue reading "blah blah"'. i think i will make the main title on the index page (for each entry) the link. i am still unsure about whether i should put whole entries on the index page. hmmm....
- the lines. at the end of each day's entries on the index page, between 'comments' and 'post a comment' on the entry pages. what the fukk? redundant, much? sheesh. that will also GO when i get to those pages. in fact, the whole entry page is wrong. just, please, give your attention to content, rather than style...

things i'm not sure about on my site:

- the main 'dogpossum' title with the little picture (yes, that's me. kinda circa this time last year, but heck, i ain't drawn me in a while. does this make me a badly drawn girl?... sorry) should this be flush to the left? centred?

things i want to add to my site:- little 'i'm reading'/'i'm watching'/'i'm listening to' bit on the index page. though i'm not sure i should clutter it up. i'm kind of torn - clutter or clean lines? i like both.

Posted by dogpossum on March 8, 2004 5:55 PM in the category