Learn to swing dance

Want to learn to ‘swing dance’?

In Sydney? The inner-west of Sydney?

We can help.

I teach with Alice every Wednesday at the Petersham Bowling Club here in Sydney.
Beginner partner dancing classes start at 7.00pm, there’s a 30 minute break/practice session at 8pm, and then at 8.30pm we teach the only weekly class in Sydney focussing on authentic jazz and swing era solo dance.

All our classes welcome leaders and followers of any sex or orientation. That means we are queer-friendly, and we are (obviously) totally ok with same-sex partners.

You can join in any time, and you won’t need to bring a partner, because we supply those :D

You can follow our updates on twitter (we tweet as @SP_Petersham) or via our Faceplant page: http://www.facebook.com/Swing.Patrol.Petersham.

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