About DJ Snoopdoggydogpossum

About DJ Snoopdoggydogpossum

About my DJing
I started dancing in Brisbane, Australia in about 1998, then moved to Melbourne in 2001, where I started DJing in 2005. Now I live in Sydney where I DJ mostly for lindy hoppers and blues dancers. I do the large camps and exchange in other cities during the year.

I’m the house DJ at Harlem (which has moved from once a month in 2015 to twice a month in 2016) here in Sydney, and I routinely DJ at other random events here in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia.

I was a staff DJ at the Herrang Dance Camp in 2014 and 2015, and I’m booked for 2016, too. So I feel I’ve pretty much won the jackpot. I was a guest DJ in Korea at the Authentic Jazz Weekend in 2015, and a volunteer DJ at the Snowball in Sweden 2015/2016. In 2015 I DJed at MLX in November in Melbourne, at SLX in Sydney in October, and… at some other places during the year that I can’t remember. Later in 2016 I will be a staff DJ at Seoul Lindyfest.

I like organising dance events (I’ve written a bit about that here), and I’ve just discovered that I love performing. It’s a pity that I haven’t also discovered that I have a natural talent for performing, but I figure enthusiasm and shouting will suffice where grace and ability fall short.

I like hot jazz and swing music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s, but I also really like modern bands who recreate the sounds of those periods. I also have a shocking memory, so I’m always pleasantly surprised when I ask a DJ “What’s this great song?” and discover that I already own a copy of LCJO’s CJam Blues. I figure this excuses my overplaying particular songs in my collection. I also hope it explains my delight in songs which most of us have heard a million times before, rather than indicating a lack of imagination.

This drawing is a portrait my friend Scott Fraser drew of me for a birthday card, and I think it captures my DJing style. In a metaphoric sense, of course. The only vinyl I own is a collection of Stone Roses 12″ records, and the only martial arts I know involve paintings of generals on ponies. It is, however, an entirely accurate representation of my fashion sense. If vinyl is still cool, then I feel the wide-legged trouser is still ok.

DJing for the radio
I was asked to plan a show as the June 2011 Yehoodi Radio Guest DJ, so I put together a set of songs which I’d originally intended to be a cleverly themed collection of brilliantly rare and unusual songs (you can see the set details here. I discovered, unfortunately, that I don’t quite have the skills to pull this off, so I settled for a list of my favourite songs. There was quite a bit of talking in between songs. This was because I’d also just discovered I quite liked the sound of my own voice. FYI most of these talking bits were just about as long as it takes to make a cup of tea.

DJing for the radio: did like, would do again.

Bossing other DJs about
I often coordinate teams of DJs for large swing dance events. I’ve been head DJ for the Melbourne Lindy Exchange, the Melbourne Swing Festival (MSF), th Sydney Lindy Exchange, and the Sydney Swing Festival. I also coordinate DJs for my own events (the Little Big Weekend, Jazz Bang, Jazz with Ramona, and so on).
If you’ve never DJed for dancers and would like to start, you might be interested in the post Starting DJing in Sydney: Some Basic Tips.

Before MSF, I was DJ coordinator for the 2012 Melbourne Lindy Exchange: Get Schooled. The MLX12 DJs were fricking AMAZING – they are all such excellent DJs! I’ve also been Head DJ for the 2011 and 2010 Melbourne Swing Festivals, the 2009 Sydney Swing Festival and the 2009 Sydney Lindy Exchange. I was also involved in coordinating DJs for the Melbourne Lindy Exchange in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

I like putting together programs of DJed music which suit the event organisers’ musical goals but which also let DJs show off their best action. I believe in the best possible working conditions for all volunteers and DJs at dance events, and am quite happy to speak at length on this topic. Or any other topic, really.

Listen to me DJ!
If you’d like to hire me for a gig, drop me a line [dogpossum at dogpossum dot org].