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  • excellently Bgrade SF telly

    I will watch any SF or supernatural television program at least once. Some stick, some don’t. I favour programs with female protagonists. I like queer stories or subtexts because they tend to fuck up the gender norms. Besides the usual big names (Buffy, Dr Who), I am also into Bgrade stuff. Mostly because Bgrade stuff […]

  • adventures with badass sistahs in outer space: olivia dunham

    I love SF telly. I love it. I watch every SF program, just in case. I also like supernatural, fantasy and general make believe stuff. But I tend to have less patience with programs that do not have good female characters. I make exceptions for programs like Supernatural which explore male characters and masculinity in […]

  • things i have done regularly lately

    Cooked a large piece of meat in milk for a long period of time. Pork, chicken, whatever. I’ll cook it, you can eat it. While searching blindly in my backpack, felt something soft and hanky-like, pulled it out and discovered it was a single maxi-sized pad*. This has happened: at the bi-lo checkout with a […]

  • ok ok

    So I watched the end of the first season of Veronica Mars. Now I know. Not entirely happy. Here’s my problem with it, and with Dollhouse: Just tell me a freakin’ story where the sisters win. No one gets murdered or raped or enslaved. I just want the basic premise of the story to be […]

  • domestic violence in Veronica Mars

    I’m not sure about Veronica Mars. In the episode I’ve just watched, Logan’s movie star dad beats the shit out of his daughter’s boyfriend. The boyfriend had been beating up the daughter, quite badly. While the father beats up the boyfriend, the Dean Martin song ‘That’s Amore’ is playing and the father is telling the […]

  • what happened to veronica?

    So I’m watching Veronica Mars, right? I’m on about the third disc of the first season. I have some questions. 1. Where did the indy-kid Veronica go? 2. Where did the hardcore class commentary go? 3. What is the deal with her assault? This is the bit that worries me the most. In the first […]