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  • Heroes Of Jazz and other Visible Mythologies

    (photo by Andy Friedman from The Nation article linked below) There was an interesting (and particularly stroppy) discussion about the ‘lindy hop career’ on the Jive Junction facebook page a little while ago that I keep thinking about. I have real problems with stories about jazz music and jazz dance (both historical and contemporary) that […]

  • Everyday racism and lindy hop

    I think Suzanne Nguyen and Daniel Reeders’ piece Defining and Responding to Everyday Racism is useful to the discussion about race, ethnicity, and anti-semitism in lindy hop happening at the moment. It gives me some tools for figuring out just why these recent events get right up my bum. I am heartily tired of people […]

  • and the quenelle discussion continues…

    I have a minute (when I really should be working): SwingNation SE03: Controversy at ILHC 2014 (via yehoodi on faceplant) Deary me, this one is a mess. My first comment is: if someone has to be dared to do something, surely they’ve figured out that it’s not a great idea? Or that there’s some sort […]

  • Wowsers. Nice one, lindy hoppers.

    “Oh, it’s ok, he’s a nice guy who just wants to have fun. So his anti-semitism was just a joke.” “It’s awful we can’t watch their routine any more, because my pleasure in their dancing is more important than their anti-semitism.” Yehoodi ILHC on fb Yehoodi discussion on facebook Lindy hoppers, get a fucking reality […]