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  • 8track: strings and clapping for running

    Image from shorpy, though I almost went with this. I actually listen to the songs in the following order. That way they start mellow and get crazier, so I can wake up gently, then get my arse kicked a bit when I start to lag later on. Thulandivile (Keep Quiet I’ve Heard You) Elite Swingers […]

  • eh? what’s that they’re sayin’?

    I’ve made a new 8track. You can listen to it here or… eh? what’s that they’re sayin’? from dogpossum on 8tracks. (Image stoled from Shorpy, king of olden days pictures) These are all songs that are a little odd. Songs that I have to listen to on headphones, repeating bits to be sure I heard […]

  • a new 8track: 9 songs I might play for flappers tonight

    I’m putting together some music for tonight’s set at Swingpit in Newtown. A discussion about ‘fast’ music on twitter + some low-level interest in 20s charleston and solo jazz encouraged me to revisit some appropriate music in my collection. I put together an 8track of things I’m thinking about. (clicky). There isn’t as much solo […]

  • blues djing

    FYI: I’ve made a dodgy 8track with examples of the stuff I’m talking about in this post. I’m not entirely confident with some of my observations as I really don’t know enough about blues music. So please just read this post (and observations) as my ideas and working-through stuff rather than as any sort of […]

  • 8 songs from 1935 that I love

    (linky). Spreadin’ Rhythm Around Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra (Billie Holiday, Johnny Hodges, Cozy Cole) 195 1935 Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia (1933-1944) (Disc 01) 2:56 Chimes At The Meeting Willie Bryant and his Orchestra with Teddy Wilson, Cozy Cole 245 1935 Willie Bryant 1935-1936 3:01 Swing, Brother, Swing Willie ‘The Lion’ […]

  • 8 dirty nannas

    I’ve made a little 8track of 8 of the women singers I played in my late night set at MLX9. (clicky) I tend to think of the women I like to DJ for blues as ‘dirty nannas’, and I’ve banged on about this here ad nauseum. This isn’t quite 100% dirty nannas. Some of the […]

  • modernism + jass = orsm punnage

    A new 8track: Or check the linky. Songs include: Putting On The Ritz The Cangelosi Cards Clinton Street Recordings, I 3:38 All I Know The Countdown Quartet 2002 Sadlack’s Stomp 2:57 Digadoo Firecracker Jazz Band 2005 The Firecracker Jazz Band 5:20 My Daddy Rocks Me Les Red Hot Reedwarmers 2006 King Joe 6:17 Who Walks […]

  • 8 songs about food

    8 songs with lyrics about ‘eating’. And when I say ‘eating’, I mean ‘sex’. Well, mostly. Some are actually songs about food. Probably. But not the Fats Waller ones. There are approximately 60 squillion billion jazz and blues songs about ‘food’ and ‘eating’. These are only 8, but 8 that I really like, or that […]

  • 8 1930s Ellington tracks that’d pwn Bechet in a ninja fight

    As if Bechet and Ellington’d ever get into a ninja fight! As if this is the final list of Ellington orsm! 8 of my favourite songs from Ellington’s (small and large) 1930s bands. 1. Jungle Nights In Harlem Duke Ellington and his Orchestra 1930 2. Shout ‘Em Aunt Tillie Duke Ellington and his Orchestra 1930 […]