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  • Speakeasy Superbad

    Here’s the setlist I did at the Speakeasy on Saturday 21st May and talked about in Everything I did was funky: Cell Block Swing & Speakeasy. The photo Tina Turner was taken by Barry Wentzell at the Odeon in 1971. I found it in multiple places online. You can buy prints, too. Tina Turner: extreme […]

  • 8track: everything i do gonh be funky

    My current musical interests. New Orleans, for the most part, but not exclusively. Image by Luke Fontana, from his very excellent site. Clarinet Intermezzo: Peace Like a River Black Swan Classic Jazz Band Feel the Spirit 2007 1:43 Eh la bas Preservation Hall Jazz Band Shake That Thing 191 2004 3:52 Shave ‘Em Dry Donald […]

  • 8track: a nice group of songs

    linky | image from shorpy A group of nice songs. Not a speck of jazz, and not at all appropriate for lindy hop. Fairly heavy on the vocals and emoting. So much emoting, in fact, I almost feel uncomfortable listing these songs. But then I listen to them, and I feel better. Caramel – Suzanne […]

  • 8track: some silly songs that make me laugh

    Here are some silly songs that make me laugh. Not in any particular order. Direct link to 8tracks | Shorpy provided the brilliant photo. Slim’s Jam Slim Gaillard and his Orchestra (Bam Brown, Zutty Singleton, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Jack McVea) The Legends of Savoy, Vol. 2 110 1945 3:17 The Stuff’s Out [it jumped […]

  • speakeasy superfun

    (Direct link to the 8tracks playlist) A set list from a gig I did at the Speakeasy on Saturday night (22/1/11, 11pm – 2am or so; I DJed 12-1am or so). I haven’t done this in a while, but I was so inspired by the gig itself, and my previously-shitting-me DJing so reinvigorated, I had […]

  • 8 tracks: songs by singers with bands

    (Image from Shorpy (woman drummer!); go direct to the 8tracks site) These are some songs that I really like. They all feature singers, and they’re all (mostly) smaller bands. A few of these are songs that have more commonly known versions. These are the versions I like at the moment. I’ve picked songs that are […]

  • some thinking about recorded jazz music

    Albums. A recent post on Melissa’s blog has made me think about jazz recordings again. The album is a relatively recent phenomenon – the 50s or so is where it really happened (I think – I’m a bit fuzzy on this). We’ve really started thinking in new ways about collections of songs since digital downloading […]

  • 8track: Teddy Wilson plays piano

    I’ve made a new 8track. Here’s a direct link to the mix. I stole the photo for this mix from here, the Life Magazine site. The photo is actually taken from one of the Benny Goodman Madhattan Room gigs, and I’ve included one of the live recordings from that gig in this mix. Ok, so […]

  • 8track: songs that might work for balboa

    Or check it out here. Image stoled from Shorpy. I’m trying to get my brain around some balboa music. Buggered if I know what I’m doing. All this stuff is songs that I love, but which don’t really always work for flatout badass lindy hop. What the hey – maybe they’d be good for bal? […]

  • solo charleston comp MSF 2010 [edited]

    Ok, so I’ve just checked this post that I wrote mid-exchange in a sleep-deprived haze, and realised that all of it is wrong. You can’t listen to it here. That’s a link to the image I used for the picture to go with the 8track. Here’s the player: Or you can go to the 8track […]