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  • Goats: THROWN!

    Imperial Swing from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. Last weekend I DJed my first proper lindy hop set since November, and it was super fine. It was the first set of the night at Imperial Swing, a social gig put on by Swing Out Sydney. TOTAL FUN. It’s a great venue, and the sound system is […]

  • small group time

    I love small swing groups, and Riverwalk Jazz are doing a show on them this week called Goodman, Shaw & Dorsey: Big Band Leaders and Their Small Combos. It features a few of my favourite small groups, most of which make for good (though fairly precise, and dare I say it, uptight) dancing. That Riverwalk […]

  • A-one, a-two, a-you know what to do!

    A-one, a-two, a-you know what to do! from dogpossum on 8tracks. linky This month has been Frankie Manning month for me, teaching two Frankie themed classes a week (lindy hop and solo jazz), visiting Melbourne for the Shiny Stockings weekend with Chazz Young, Steven Mitchell and Ramona Staffeld (Ramona drove this excellent weekend) and generally […]

  • 8 tracks: ‘New’ music for lindy hopping

    ‘New’ music for lindy hopping from dogpossum on 8tracks. linky image from Shorpy This is (part of) a set I did last week. I wanted to combine some new stuff (the New Sheiks in particular) with some very familiar stuff (Now You Has Jazz), and to feature Clark Terry. Clark Terry needs some help covering […]

  • Charlie Shavers Plays The Trumpet

    [Portrait of Charlie Shavers, National studio, New York, N.Y., ca. May 1947] (LOC), originally uploaded by The Library of Congress. Charlie Shavers Plays The Trumpet from dogpossum on 8tracks. I’m a big fan of Charlie Shavers, but I didn’t realise I was until I started getting nerdy with the discographies. As I added musicians to […]

  • 8tracks: Eleven charming songs

    Eleven charming songs. Some of them are serious and some of them are not. I don’t think I’d count any of them as lindy hop songs. But all of them are suitable for dancing the fandango wearing only a marmot after drinking entire bottle of gin (as suggested by @ARPy_ and encouraged by @matchtrick.) Image […]

  • 8tracks: 10 songs by women singers that warrant a second look. Or narrowed eyes, at least.

    I’ve just done a new 8tracks: (linky, image from Shorpy). These are just ten slower songs with women singers. Singers who have voices that make me stop and pay attention, or versions of songs that I’m just not sure about. These are probably, then, songs warranting a little suspicion. A second look, at least. Or […]

  • 8tracks: Crazy Ear Worms

    linky Image from shorpy. This is an 8tracks set of songs that drive me CRAZY: it is impossible to get these melodies out of my brainz. They all have shocking earworm melodies. They’re also all AWESOME! title artist album bpm year length W.P.A. Louis Armstrong and the Mills Brothers The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions […]

  • Eddie Condon: Everywhere, All The Time

    Direct link to 8tracks playlist. Photo by William Gottlieb in 1946 from the Library of Congress William P. Gottlieb Collection. Eddie Condon. Chicagoan guitarist who just went on and on and on. Telly, albums, night club. The jazz brand of win. Was also in some brilliant bands. I don’t actually have a lot of his […]

  • DJ Snoopdoggydogpossum

    About my DJing I started dancing in Brisbane, Australia in about 1998, then moved to Melbourne where I started DJing in 2005. Now I live in Sydney where I DJ mostly for lindy hoppers and blues dancers. I do the odd large camp or exchange in other cities during the year, but mostly I play […]