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  • Bunya pines and murri knowledge

    There are a bunch of bunya pines in Ashfield park, and a huge one up on Charlotte Street. The pine cones are epic huge. HUGE. And edible. They only grow wild in Gubbi Gubbi, Waka Waka, and Yuggera country, places which have been called South East Queensland since invasion. A story about Bunya Dreaming festival. […]

  • walklondon tube map

    The walklondon walking subway map, a project created by Joe Watson and Aryven Arasen for Walkunlimited, is pretty interesting. It maps the walking time between London tube spots, and notes the landmarks that you’d see on that walking route. The goal was to get people walking instead of freaking out during a tube strike. It’s […]

  • queens jazz trail map

    The Queens Jazz Trail Map is one that pops up almost every time google ‘jazz map history’. Particular to one part of New York, this map is hand-drawn. It is, however, only one of a number of jazz-related maps from Ephemera press (and I like the name – what are historical maps, if not an […]

  • more jazz maps

    This site has a series of maps of Chicago listing jazz clubs. I haven’t had a chance to look through it carefully, yet, but I think I’m going to go back and read it in tandem with the Kenney article (Kenney, William Howland. “Historical Context and the Definition of Jazz: Putting More of the History […]

  • map of new orleans jazz neighbourhoods

    This will make a lot more sense if you read more about it over here at the National Parks Service site. Yes, jazz + parks. It’s a strange American thing. Remind me to post about the Century Ballroom and its interesting relationship with the NPS. If you’re digging on these maps, make sure you also […]

  • the trouble with linear jazz narratives + more

    In the earliest parts of my researching into jazz history, I tried to set up a sort of ‘time line’ or map* of musicians and cities and bands. Who played with which band in what city at what time? Then where did they go? This approach was partly based on the idea that particularly influential […]