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  • No Meat Week: Saturday and Sunday

    Saturday morning I had porridge. That shit is so boring. I prefer weetbix. Saturday we went to lunch with friends specifically to have dumplings. The joint we go to has a large vegetarian dumpling menu, but we ate meat dumplings. …incidentally, I count fish as ‘meat’. Fishes are living, moving animals. So they have meat. […]

  • No Meat Week: Friday

    Well, breakfast was cheesy bread. Boring. I’m not very good with breakfasts, but it’s when I’m hungriest, so I like to eat big, filling things. No fruit today, except some apples I’m going to attack in a second. Dinner was a good one. This is a dish I used to make in Brisbane, but somehow […]

  • No Meat Week: Thursday

    (NB I just found this egg picture online. Ours were actually better) Firstly, let me just point out that yesterday we had fish cakes with salty eggs and a veggie/tofu stir fry take away from the brilliant Thai joint in Summer Hill. Not entirely meat free, but better. Today I had eggs for breakfast then […]

  • No Meat Week: Wednesday

    1. I had a roast beef and veggies sandwich at the deli while waiting for my doctor’s appointment. I clean forgot about the no meat thing. Dave stated that he had not known that the ‘no meat thing’ was “for lunches too”. Jeez. 2. It’s been raining and raining and fucking RAINING so I haven’t […]

  • No Meat Week: Tuesday

    No meat week continues. Tonight we had ‘asian inspired’ pumpkin soup from the Stephanie Alexander orange book. Meh. I reckon it uses too much stock, but we had a Stock Defrosting Mixup and we couldn’t reduce the stock without waste. This recipe isn’t as good as I’d remembered. I’m not even convinced the actual instructions […]

  • No Meat Week: Monday (& Sunday)

    We’ve been living the CSIRO lifestyle for a year or two now, and while I like the lighter evening meals (without carbs), we’ve been struggling, ethically, with the amount of meat the diet includes. Also, it’s bad for your guts. So I’ve instituted a week without meat. I’ve lived the vegetarian lifestyle here and there […]

  • race, food, bikes, gender

    Another reminder that green/feminist movements are as marked by gender and class as right wing politics… I’m seeing correlations between slutwalk discourse and this little trail of articles dealing with race/food politics/gardening/environmentalism/cycling. While I’m fascinated by discussions of food and health and environmentalism as a socialist project, for a while now I’ve had a little […]

  • Everything I did was funky: Cell Block Swing & Speakeasy

    This is going to be a crazy, incoherent post about how much fun I had last night. First, there was a dance at the old Jail in Darlinghurst, in the National Art School‘s Jail House Theatre. Amazing venue. Amazing: Secondly, the band were the Ozcats, who are a Bob Crosby tribute band, and feature some […]

  • pork cooked slowly in milk

    This is a Stephanie Alexander recipe. Or maybe it’s Maggie Beer’s. Buggered if I can remember. Shoulder of pork. Any size, but I get a biggish one as you really really really want to eat leftovers. With the curds. On mashed potato. Fuck YES. Get an organic pork shoulder if you can afford it. I’ve […]

  • Nepalese food in Ashfield

    Tonight a second Nepalese joint in Ashfield, and it was neat. The first one, Mandap, the larger one we went to the other night, and had sent us a take away flyer, was pretty good. But we ate the Indian stuff from the menu because the Nepalese stuff didn’t look that exciting. An excellent biryani, […]