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  • carrot salad

    We had this with some aloo palak for dinner. Nom! This recipe’s from ‘Cooking With Kurma.’ This is basically grated carrot, lots of chopped coriander, lemon juice, a bit of salt and some spices cooked in a bit of oil: cumin seeds, urad dahl (I had none so used some toasted sesame seeds), curry leaves […]

  • pfeffernüsse

    pfeffernüsse5 These little things are amazingly tasty. They’re a bit time consuming (what with all the resting in the fridge), but it’s worth doing all the steps (including the glaze) as the taste is so complex and rich. While they have no butter or oil, they’re mostly sugar, so diabetics beware! 450g plain flour 50g […]

  • Pacific House noms on Sunday

    We did eat other things in Melbourne after the stupid eggs. Masses of seafood at Pacific House in Richmond. And salt and pepper fu.

  • eggs @ MLX9

    This is a crap way of poaching eggs. But they turned out better than our first go. We are so fucking tired. I wish we were eating nice food, but we aren’t. Yesterday (Saturday) I managed to bully my friends into going to Bismi’s on Sydney Road for fully sick rotis. They are fully sick. […]

  • Monsieur Truffle on Smith St

    Monsieur Truffle on Smith St Originally uploaded by dogpossum We are fooding and lindy hopping our way through Melbourne, visiting all our old favourites and discovering a few more. Monsieur Truffle on Smith St in Collingwood is run by a bunch of hippy chocolate nerds. The truffles were so rich, this is all I could […]

  • kitchen!

    kitchen! Originally uploaded by dogpossum Finally, we have kitchen. Finished on about Monday the 9th November, we had a party on the Wednesday and cooked for 10 people. It was freeking horrible cooking in that tiny space. There is NO WORKSPACE. Click the pic to see all my notes. I have big plans for this […]

  • fahim’s fast food do orsm tandoori

    194 Enmore Road, approximately. We ride our bikes there from the hood. You can get the train to Newtown then walk up Enmore for a few blocks, past the theatre til you get there. It’s crowded and busy and not super clean. They do really good tandoori and really good naan. The rest is neither […]

  • things i have done regularly lately

    Cooked a large piece of meat in milk for a long period of time. Pork, chicken, whatever. I’ll cook it, you can eat it. While searching blindly in my backpack, felt something soft and hanky-like, pulled it out and discovered it was a single maxi-sized pad*. This has happened: at the bi-lo checkout with a […]

  • today i:

    Got up earlier than usual so as to begin preparing for my (fuckful) early teaching starts in a couple of weeks. Not too early (only 8.30), but I find it very difficult to change my sleeping pattern, and it’s a long road from 9.30am to 6.30am when you’re going at half hour intervals. I’m considering […]

  • pumpkin: pwn; fish:pwned

    I’m sure I’ve crapped on about this great little cookbook before (potato salad, orange salad). It’s called Flavours of Mexico (in the ‘Good cook’s collection’, published by Fairfax in 1998). Yesterday, as we searched through The Diet Book for something even remotely interesting, I suddenly remembered this nice little Mexican cook book and its lovely […]