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  • Be bold. Stand out.

    Aletta linked up this great article on fb yesterday: Cut From The Same Cloth by Myfanwy Tristram. I was a teen 1987-1993, and fully into a punk/‘alternative’ aesthetic. Docs, shaved head, op shop clothes, etcetera. I started making my own clothes when I was about 22, because I couldn’t find what I wanted in shops. […]

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Seoul Fashion Report The edge looks on Seoul streets are some of our favourites. Tattooed skin and precisely placed piercings are exposed in the warmer weather, flaunting convention and inviting comment. And the colour scheme is dark. Sharp, perfect blue-blacks in cotton, synthetics, knits, wovens, polymers. Assembled in precise, clean lines and complex layers, this […]

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Seoul Fashion Report There are very few bare toes on the street at the moment, but as temperatures rise and precipitation impends, Seoul will have to decide. Will it be a rope-and-leather espadrille, or a wide-strapped urban stepper? Or will we see (refreshingly) the day-glo excitement of fluorescents? Our breath is bated.

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Seoul Fashion Report Seoul is in that awkward-pleasant moment between a warm spring and a saturated monsoon season. And street wear is struggling to make up its sartorial mind. Cut off cuffs and bared skin, or long, clean lines to the ankle and wrist? We will have to wait a week or two to see.

  • Seoul Fashion Report, final

    Neutral tones and natural fibres are de rigueur for the chic in Seoul this season. Straw hats and bags, leather sandals. Loose smock dresses, wide-legged cotton trousers. This most urban of urban cities is embracing a pastoral aesthetic, and they won’t let a little rain (and the threat of transparency!) dissuade them.

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    The Sport Sandal. One of our favourites, because nothing says athleticism like exposed toes. Soles are thick and bouncy, colours are bright and diachromatic, straps are fat and ready for action. Ready, steady, go!

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Summer is for sandals, and this season Seoul is saying Hola! to the huarache. Complex braids or simple straps, leather to suit the natural fibre trend, or black and manmade fibres for an urban edge. However you choose to style this look, hurry, because they are flying off the shelves!

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Couples in matching ensembles is one of our favourite trends. Most usually the purview of the younger set, attention to detail is key. Matching shorts, heavy sandals, and wide-striped tshirts are trending, and after all, when one has a chic look, why not double it?

  • Seoul fashion report

    Linen linen linen. Summer is hot and humid in Seoul, and nothing’s quite as nice as an open weave on overheated skin. Wear it loose and relaxed; drifting open silhouettes for dresses, untucked and open-necked for shirts. And if you can’t find a neutral shade to suit, go wild with colourful jungle prints.

  • fashion docos

    I’m nuts about fashion docos, and this week I saw First Monday in May, about the Met’s gala, and specifically, about the China Through The Looking Glass gala. It’s a clever bit of documentary making. I was really digging the way it set up the discussion of orientalism/racism at work in the exhibition… or was […]