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  • triangles

    I’ve just asked myself ‘what is the optimal pitch for an A-frame roof in a location* that gets snow’? I have never lived in a climate where this sort of snowfall is likely or possible. And I have never built a house…. …out of anything but paper. I’ve just spent far too long googling ‘what […]

  • Be bold. Stand out.

    Aletta linked up this great article on fb yesterday: Cut From The Same Cloth by Myfanwy Tristram. I was a teen 1987-1993, and fully into a punk/‘alternative’ aesthetic. Docs, shaved head, op shop clothes, etcetera. I started making my own clothes when I was about 22, because I couldn’t find what I wanted in shops. […]

  • My current obsessions

                            sources: 1. Gee’s Bend quilt 2. Hirschfeld’s Harlem 3. Mokuhankan Japanese woodblock print 4. Gee’s Bend quilt

  • Fashion advice.

    This sort of blouse is very now in lindy hopping circles. Gorgeous foofy sleeves ending just below the elbow so you can really bring your hand game. And buttons in the back. I love buttons down the back, as they leave the front nice and clear. But for dancing… not good. Because the lead’s hand […]

  • bunny repairs

    bunny repairs – after washing, originally uploaded by dogpossum. Doing some repairs to a bunny that was mauled by a (usually) very lovely goggy. Had to redo the head and the bottom half of the ears. Then gave it all a wash so the stitches and tension would be a bit more even (the older […]

  • dull with a side of dreary

    The rain has eased a bit, and Brisbane is recovering. Slowly. Here in Sydney the weather turned mild, but the humidity increased, and we’ve had drizzles of rain off and on every other day. I’ve been crocheting like a crazy person (you can see some of the amigurumi I’ve been doing here) and watching lots […]

  • imagining strongs

    I am still thinking about large moustaches. I blame Murdoch Mysteries.

  • Baz and mandarin peel

    I am trying to improve my drawing, so have been taking requests and illustrating friends’ tweets. This is Basil (friends’ companion who usually lives over at Sorrow at Sills Bend) with mandarin peel. It is winter, here, and mandarins are in season in a major way. I ate so many at MSF I gave myself […]

  • Happy Christmas!

    up-pops! I’ve been making popup cards. It got a bit fiddly and annoying, eventually, and I ran out of card long before I actually made cards for all the people I had on my list. I’ve also uploaded (finally) some popups from the last time I did some popup work, which was about a million […]

  • crazed renovating woman bores internet to tears

    terracotta floor tiles I am nuts for the idea of these tiles atm. They are made of terracotta and they’re hexagonal. Click the linky if you want to read more. I have also started thinking about door handles. I’ve never even considered these things before. And we have had to get some housey type things […]