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  • Developing a practical covid plan: What if someone won’t do x, y, or z?

    Today I was talking to someone completely unconnected to the dance world, and they asked what I’d been doing lately. I mentioned that I’d been been working on a covid policy, and it was really interesting because it was a way to talk about flatter power structures (and fighting The Man). I wanted to do […]

  • local v global networks of exchange and infection

    …just some random thoughts from a discussion on fb that i’m posting here to keep track of. If big dance events that were held over new year could collect accurate covid infection stats, it’d be super interesting to compare these with other sample groups. 1 in 5 is lower than omicron in Sydney at the […]

  • test early test often

    Sydney: test early, test often. Check NSW Health on fb for testing locations. The 2 pillars of our orsm covid response are contact tracing and testing. Apparently we aren’t testing as much as we were when we were shitscared a couple of weeks ago. If we don’t test, the contact Tracys can’t do as orsm […]

  • Is COVID testing free?

    Is COVID testing free in NSW? YES. Even if you’re not an Australian resident? YES. Testing at private clinics – Some private clinics need a referral from a GP to get the test, and the GP may charge or bulk bill for that appointment. – There are some dodgy private clinics with misleading fb ads […]

  • Happy covid new year

    If you are feeling a bit worried about the covid cases, Sydney, NSW Health on fb has the most up to date info. Our new local case numbers are low, and all are from known sources. It’s ok. ❤️👍🏼 Tip: don’t monitor it in real time. It will stress you out. Tip2: melbourne people, maybe […]

  • Still no touchy

    Can we social dance YET?! I am not an epidemiologist or the boss of covid. BUT. I have been keeping an eye out. The rules have changed (as of Monday 7th Dec), and yes, we can dance! But still: NO TOUCHY. It totally sucks, but not as much as dying of covid or killing your […]