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  • How to be ‘public’ dancers in a covid19 world

    I think you all know that I took a break from teaching and running classes last year in about June, before I went away for a long trip. I found it gave me a real break, and I liked it. Though I truly missed the actual teaching part, I didn’t and don’t miss the everyday […]

  • Will we be running dance events in May 2021

    We’re still in iso here in Sydney. And while Morrison is talking about and early opening, even if the states do go ahead, we will see a second wave before the end of 2020. Even if we do get out of iso, we will be adhering to safety measures (washing our hands, covering our mouths, […]

  • Here are some rough thoughts about “when we will be able to hold weekly swing dances again” , responding to Dabney Hopkins’ question on facebook. There are clear cultural differences between countries and their responses to covid19, and I think this will shape the modern lindy hop world. If there is one. Some places in […]

  • Condoman

    I was living in Brisbane, and about 15 when I first saw Condoman. This was mid-AIDS crisis, and the Brisbane AIDS team was based in the Valley, where my mum worked, and where we went out to see bands and get hassled by junkies. Condoman was invented by Aunty Gracelyn Smallwood and a bunch of […]

  • Films and tv programs where people go to parties or play sport just seem implausible now.

  • Worrying about some things, not everything

  • Hoarding during a pandemic

    Normal shopping isn’t hoarding. Hoarding is an obsessive compulsive behaviour and a response to anxiety. The best way to decide whether what you’re doing is hoarding or just routine, is to sit and imagine not buying those 10 loaves of bread you have in your trolley. If it causes you real distress (ie panic attack, […]

  • I’d like to see the Australian Ballet do THIS

    Dance people! Argh! You’re home, you can’t dance or see your mates, you are going nuts. What can you do? If only we had a pool of highly motivated, experienced volunteers and managerial types with time on their hands. If only we had an extensive network of local, national, and international people who liked doing […]

  • Give!

    Hello! Now you have all that free time on your hands ( :D ), have you considered mobilising to help local charities? It’ll help you feel less worried, and be a nice social connection to replace dancing

  • How to plan an event cancellation

    How to go about responding to COVID-19 in Australia? A good starting point would be to collate: number of cases per state/australia sources for daily updates from gov legal recommendations from gov (eg we still allowed gathering in groups atm). Then each organisation should develop a long term plan and a short term. Even if […]