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  • aerosol v droplet transmission

    tldr; 1) Keep your goobs at home with you. 2) Don’t visit other people, or invite them (and their goobs) to your indoor gathering. 3) Stay 1.5m away from other humans. 4) NO TOUCHY (don’t touch your face, don’t touch your mask, don’t touch other people). Masks If you do wear a mask, you’re going […]

  • Workplaces are where COVID19 is spreading

    Workplaces are where COVID is spreading in Australia. Not at the park or in the shops. But in meat packing plants, aged care homes. Places where the pay is bad, and the work is hard. And the industry is not properly regulated. If you really do want to get angry about covid, get really angry […]

  • mask rage?

    Australians*: please don’t get your rage on about people not wearing masks. I know you’re afraid. But the people who will suffer most from aggressive mask policing are not random white people at Bunnings. It will be the poor and homeless, Blak kids and migrant workers. If you feel the urge to rantpost about masks, […]

  • If we talk about Bunnings woman not wearing a mask, we’re not talking about working conditions for Bunnings staff.

  • Masks can’t hurt

    Tl;dr Masks can’t hurt. Wear them. But prioritise hand washing, not touching your face, and keeping distance from others. Unless you’re in the US where shit is out of control. Then wear a mask. Another of Daniel’s great pieces. Again, the unsafe workplaces of ‘essential workers’ are big contributors to transmission. Rather than focussing on […]

  • No. Don’t run your dance event.

    Everybody knows that a big international lindy hop event is the definition of a perfect pandemic super-spreading event? – You get a heap of people together from different regions – They do a heap of exercise, and they generate lots of saliva and snot and then they rub it all over their faces and and […]

  • Playing jazz music in the age of COVID

    So we know that musicians need/want to work. And we also know that their work (and creative practice) involves risky behaviour. So how do we make sure musicians minimise risk, for themselves and their audiences? The best model is really to have musicians develop safe work practices, then peer-pressure their colleagues into doing things the […]

  • Sit down, white people.

    So it seems that white people are having trouble dismantling racism in the lindy hop world. Despite at least 30 years* of hard work, we haven’t seen dancers deconstruct systems that privilege white men (for DJing, teaching, MCing, band, and other high profile gigs). Because the people with the power are white men, who, when […]

  • covid19, HIV/AIDS, and community responses

    A straight white male musician recently commented in a discussion about covid19 that covid19 and AIDS have not had the same effects on the community. I disagree. Actually the comparison with AIDS is particularly powerful because it _did_ see a community shut down social spaces and completely change cultural practices. Gay men closed bath houses, […]

  • Do some teacher training!

    Ok, dancers, another thing you can do, while you’re not allowed to lindy hop because you might kill someone. Do some teacher training, on your own or with your teaching team: Learn about the history(s) of dances, and how you will integrate that into your classes so it’s fun and useful, and not just a […]