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  • No Meat Week: Monday (& Sunday)

    We’ve been living the CSIRO lifestyle for a year or two now, and while I like the lighter evening meals (without carbs), we’ve been struggling, ethically, with the amount of meat the diet includes. Also, it’s bad for your guts. So I’ve instituted a week without meat. I’ve lived the vegetarian lifestyle here and there […]

  • Monsieur Truffle on Smith St

    Monsieur Truffle on Smith St Originally uploaded by dogpossum We are fooding and lindy hopping our way through Melbourne, visiting all our old favourites and discovering a few more. Monsieur Truffle on Smith St in Collingwood is run by a bunch of hippy chocolate nerds. The truffles were so rich, this is all I could […]

  • brunswick rocks

    We’re moving to Sydney quite soon (at quite short notice), and have been hurriedly trying to get rid of five years worth of accumulated junk. The Squeeze has trundled the shopping trolley up to the church charity bin round the corner at least a dozen times this week. We’ve sent our friends off with bag […]

  • pussy galore

    I blame my obession with lady bits on the fact that I’m surfing the crimson wave and talking a lot about feminism in classes at the moment. Whenever I ride or walk around my neighbourhood (which is everyday) I count kitties. Today, walking back from the shops and a marking meeting, I counted 4. Two […]

  • about as brunswick as you can get

  • animal encounters

    Last night riding home from die Spiegeltent (where I am currently doing a few DJing gigs – Nov 4th and 18th and Dec 2nd if you want to catch up – it’s a glorious venue, there’s a cheesy dance class (which every one loves – especially the kids) and there are cheesy performances (which you […]

  • the most expensive breakfast ever

    But it is the ‘wick – you do get what you pay for.

  • tell me place and geography aren’t important here

    There’s been a bit of talk about Helen Garner around the traps recently: Mz Tartan mentions her talk at the Mildura writers’ festival and writes in greater detail on the topic here on Sarsaparilla ampersand duck wrote Garner a love letter here, which I must admit, I’d probably copy and post to Helen myself and […]

  • melbourne is obsessed

    The adult population of Brunswick is somewhat subdued today. Last night’s finals match between Australia and Italy offered everyone in this part of Melbourne a team to barack for, whether you’re born in Australia, Italy, Greece or some other part of the soccer-playing universe. In one of the most Italian cafes in Brunswick the owner […]