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  • Africanfuturism

    I’ve gone on about Nnedi Okorafor before. Speculative fiction like Black Panther imagines an African world where its people have gone on ahead of us to create and invent. Without the west. Without colonialism. It’s a pretty powerful expression of the future _and_ the past. It asks Black people ‘What could we have been without […]

  • April-May YA SF girl hero reading

    I read a lot of SF… hells, I read SF almost exclusively (except for a recent diversion into Australian stuff – Peter Temple (!!) and Shane Maloney), and lately I’ve been hunting down good YA Scifant and Scifi. I prefer female protagonists and authors, just because I’m tired of reading SF stories about men, because […]

  • (Try To) Write About Jazz

    (Photo of Amiri Baraka by Pat A. Robinson, stoled from here). Long time no post. I’ve been busy with a few different projects lately, most of them impeded by vast quantities of randomly-generated anxiety. I’m bossing some DJs for MLX11, I’m bossing some DJs locally, I’m sorting some solo dance practices, I’m looking at venues, […]

  • strange angels

    Strange Angels site I’ve just finished the third book in this series, ‘Jealousy’. The cover art for the third book is so bad I can barely look at it, so I won’t waste bandwidth with it here. And it looks like I’m having trouble stringing a sentence together today, so bare with me, friends. I […]

  • ya supernatural romance

    Remind me to write about Lili St Crow‘s Strange Angels series.

  • things i like about true blood

    I didn’t like True Blood immediately. It took me a few episodes. Sometimes it’s dumb. But it’s also really great. I like supernatural telly. I watch every supernatural telly show I can get my hands on, no matter how terrible. I also read supernatural romance fiction, both adult and young adult. I like films with […]

  • misogynist much?

    A recent io9 story about Wonder Woman quotes Marvel Comics’ Brian Michael Bendis’ tweet: Spider-Woman has better hair, better costume, frank cho implants and a fucked up origin. Wonder Woman is a walking std farm!! This bothers me in so many ways. Not to diss Spiderwoman (who was one of my favourites), but wtf? Since […]

  • All of Me: The Complete Discography of Louis Armstrong

    The Louis Armstrong bit of the jazz discography is really, really big. And that’s not counting all the entries with bands other than his own. They have this neat discography in the library: All of Me: The Complete Discography of Louis Armstrong and I want it. It’s a beautifully produced book and something I know […]

  • Bones and books

    I really like Bones, but it’s a little lacking in scientific… hell, logical reality. 1. Would you use an elevator to reach the floor of a building where a bomb had blown up and caused a fire? 2. The computer machine thing that the girl lab person (what was happening in that sentence?) uses to […]

  • waaaaaah

    In the two weeks I was in Melbourne I read three of these young adult books. They’re called ‘Pretties’, ‘Ugglies’ and ‘Specials’ and they’re by some guy whose last name starts with W. I want to read the last one, ‘Extras’. They’re not very good, but they’re quick reading. I am very into young adult […]