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  • (Try To) Write About Jazz

    (Photo of Amiri Baraka by Pat A. Robinson, stoled from here). Long time no post. I’ve been busy with a few different projects lately, most of them impeded by vast quantities of randomly-generated anxiety. I’m bossing some DJs for MLX11, I’m bossing some DJs locally, I’m sorting some solo dance practices, I’m looking at venues, […]

  • and then I’ll write some

    Someone should go to the shops and buy veggies. But I don’t think it’s going to be me. Yesterday I made it down to the shops for a few bits and pieces, but today I’m feeling a bit too crap to ride to Ashfield (all of fifteen minutes away, at my usual speed). Yesterday I […]

  • (insert dumb pun about listening to me here)

    I’ve been thinking about this in relation to dancers. I’m not sure if dancers are really where they’re heading with that project thought – I think that’s a bit serious and got some political work going on. Dancers just seem kind of … frivelous in comparison. But perhaps that’s interesting in itself. Perhaps it’s worth […]

  • nerd

    The first recorded black woman blues singer (ie first black woman to record a non-religious commercially released song), Mamie Smith’s 1920 song Crazy Blues had the lyrics: I’m gonna do likea Chinaman… go and get some hop Get myselfa gun… and shoot myself a cop. That’s about sixty years before NWA and Ice-T came along. […]

  • round up

    Just in case you were wondering why I’d suddenly gone all boring… I’ve been very busy writing a paper for a media convergence collection/special ed of a journal/thingy. So I am making a really crappy rough draft at the moment. Soon it will be beautiful, but before it’s beautiful, the editing will be horrible. I […]

  • remind me

    to write about female role models for lindy hoppers, will you? Thinking about Frida has made me think about expanding a bit of one of my chapters (ch3 I think) where I wrote about gendered resistance and transgression in dance in contemporary swing dance culture. In that chapter I looked at how women (and men, […]