sell out

I’ve been avoiding doing this for a while, but I now have a dogpossum faceplant page. This way peeps can… well, I dunno what, really. All the action is still here on this site, but you know. If you like all your dots connected up, you might find the faceplant page useful. I might add in bits and pieces about upcoming sets over there on fb.

…gee I’m having real trouble believing anyone would be all that interested in seeing when or where I’m DJing. But you know, if you are interested, I’ll try to keep that updated. I’ll also add stuff about events I’m involved in or running. Or new bands and albums I really like. So it’s a total promotional hub, right there.

But if you’re actually keen on keeping up with blog posts, then the dogpossum rss is operational again (though I’ll dismantle it again if idiots start poaching content and profiting from my hard work again).

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