Running report: I can run for 28 minutes without stopping. I’m at run 3 of week 8 of the c25k. I am badass. I am considering some sort of fun run situation.

DJing report: went to BBS and DJed. DJing for blues dancers is a bit boring. Blues dancing events are a bit boring. Having said that, I had a very good time. For my money (and it was), BBS offers the most interesting bands and venues at any Australian dance event. G$ has some great photos here. That’s one of his there with this post.
My DJing was ok, and I think I did a pretty good job on the… Sunday night I think it was. On the whole I didn’t hear a whole lot of really inspiring DJing over the weekend. Most of the sets seem to lack coherency or flow. And they tended to be really low energy. The low energy is a real suck at an entire weekend of blues – you really need to keep the energy up there so people dance. One exception was Chris Haarm, who did some really nice work warming the room on the Friday night. I think his set was my favourite.
The bands, though, ROCKED. And that’s how it should be.
I don’t think I’ll bother with another blues weekend. I ended up going for a run on the Sunday because I didn’t feel like I’d had enough exercise. And that’s just wrong for an exchange.
Learnz report: I am working my way through this pgrad diploma. It’s really hard not directing your own learnz. I don’t like waiting for someone else to decide when I’m ready for the next bit of learn. I also much prefer following my own interests rather than having to follow someone else’s curriculum. Remind me to talk a bit about this more later on.
Intertubes report: I have neglected this blog for twitter. And my learnz.
That’s it.

3 thoughts on “reports”

  1. You’ve started? YAY!
    I still can’t believe I’m actually running 28 minutes without stopping. I haven’t done that since… ever. Well, maybe as a kid at school. I think the long, slow road to 5k that you take with c25k was really important – rushing into doing 5k would never have worked with me.
    I’m also really hooked on the endorphines, and on the pride in accomplishing each little step. Just running 8 minutes without stopping blew my brains. I still can’t believe I can run this far. Even when I’m running down the street on the way home, I can’t believe it.
    I also like for the comraderie and encouragement. And for seeing all my achievements mapped out like that.

  2. 28 minutes is wonderful. I think the best I ever got was about 20 minutes 8-9 years ago when I lived in Balmain.
    I start week 3 on Friday (ran yesterday morning to finish week 2). The 3 minute run has me worried. I dare not even think about eight minutes.
    And yes the endorphins are great. I’m also hooked on weightlifting (strength not body building). You don’t get the endorphine hit but a lot of satisfaction from setting a new PB.
    Look forward to hearing about your first fun run. Keep going!

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