crazed and manic jubilation

I just found out that my thesis was passed WITHOUT CORRECTIONS!!
I have done the crazy happy dance about 10 times already (lots of high kicks up into the air, a few twirly spin-arounds, some random jiggling).
If I hurry I can do the graduation thing in March/April.
So I am now Dr dogpossum (mostly)! Hoorah!
…remind me to write about the dance conference, will you? I met some lovely (and awe-inspiring) young dancers who work with companies like Bangarra (and how did I introduce myself? “You guys rock!” – I am all about cool. But they did – their mini-performance blew me away!), networked like a crazy person, discovered someone who has Graybags for a supes (and knows Galaxy), told some inappropriate jokes, shared Frida and the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers with a bunch of doods who understood what I’ve been trying to say about them and ate some of the best conference food EVER.
[and hoorah for the markers – the thesis was sent to them at the end of September, and they had the marks to me by today – that’s under 3 months turnaround time]

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  1. Oh, I’ve got a proud tear in my eye (I first wrote ‘ear’, what does that mean Dr Freud?). Congratulations on such a wonderful, *hard earned* achievement. You rock. Or should that be ‘you swing’?, which of course you do too, sister!
    Glad you got better enough to fly to Canberra. Will you tell me who my fellow GT acolyte is or will they?

  2. I strutted my way around the Coburg shops this morning, then I strutted my way around the house.
    Every now and then, I say “no corrections, no corrections” to myself. And then I jump up in the air and do a crazy-dance.

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