Hot Four (thousand)


If you haven’t bought this yet, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? But seriously, if you like jazz, then you should buy this live album. It’s just so fricking good. I’ve heard a couple of DJs complain that the songs are too long for DJing. To that, I say BAH!

‘Tuesdays at Mona’s’
Mona’s Hot Four
purchase directly on bandcamp

Mona’s Hot Four:
Dennis Lichtman – clarinet/session leader
Gordon Webster – piano
Nick Russo – banjo/guitar
Jared Engel – bass

Emily Asher – trombone
Ehud Asherie – piano
Gordon Au – trumpet
Bob Curtis – clarinet
Mike Davis – trumpet
Jim Fryer – trombone
Miles Griffith – vocals (DVD only)
J. Walter Hawkes – trombone
Tamar Korn – vocals
David Langlois – washboard
Dan Levinson – clarinet
DAVID MCKAY – vocals
Nellie McKay – vocals (DVD only)
Andrew Nemr – tap dance
Jerron Paxton – vocals & banjo
Nathan Peck – bass
Molly Ryan – vocals
Bria Skonberg – trumpet
Dave Speranza – bass
Chris St. Hilaire – snare drum
Miss Tess – vocals
Murray Wall – bass (DVD only)

(musicians dancers probably know are in bold)

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