um… no, nothing to say

Finally the sun has come back, after far too long of dreary, overcast greyness and cold.
And of course, with the drear goes my recent – and somewhat startling – spate of super-productivity. In a week I edited two chapters quite aggressively and wrote two articles.
And now, of course, I’m left wondering whether or not I should go to the cinema. I think perhaps I shall, as the Nova, our local cinema has something wordy and all about human relationships on this afternoon that I’d like to see. Don’t much care what, so long as it’s got some nice cinematography. No, no, I’ve already seen Water (and yes, it was wonderful – I liked Fire and Earth, but this was probably the best). Something else, thanks.
On a side point, yesterday was ANZAC day, not something I care much about, but my attention was briefly caught by a little story on the news about how the RSL had ‘forbidden’ family members to march with photos of servicemen in the parade. Which I thought was strange – it seemed appropriate to me, and perhaps emphasised the fact that the march should perhaps be about memorialising loss as well as ‘appreciating’ soldiers… but then, I don’t know much about the issue, so…
…and I have nothing more to write. Seems I’ve used up all my words for the week. Oh well. Will go sew something in hot pink cordurouy instead (!!).