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  • the Yarts

    The Average Person Spends 27 Seconds Looking at a Work of Art. Now, 166 Museums Are Joining Forces to Ask You to Slow Down Museums in Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, and elsewhere are holding special events for Slow Art Day on April 6. …. Founded in 2009 by Phil Terry, the CEO of […]

  • Going to Seoul to lindy hop

    Hello! Do you love travelling and lindy hopping? Seoul is the city for you. Here’s a note: I don’t know everything about Seoul or lindy hopping in Seoul; you should double check my observations with a local. I’m also assuming that because you’re reading this post, you can read and speak english. That’s my only […]

  • Seoul Fashion Report, final

    Neutral tones and natural fibres are de rigueur for the chic in Seoul this season. Straw hats and bags, leather sandals. Loose smock dresses, wide-legged cotton trousers. This most urban of urban cities is embracing a pastoral aesthetic, and they won’t let a little rain (and the threat of transparency!) dissuade them.

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    The Sport Sandal. One of our favourites, because nothing says athleticism like exposed toes. Soles are thick and bouncy, colours are bright and diachromatic, straps are fat and ready for action. Ready, steady, go!

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Summer is for sandals, and this season Seoul is saying Hola! to the huarache. Complex braids or simple straps, leather to suit the natural fibre trend, or black and manmade fibres for an urban edge. However you choose to style this look, hurry, because they are flying off the shelves!

  • Seoul Fashion Report

    Couples in matching ensembles is one of our favourite trends. Most usually the purview of the younger set, attention to detail is key. Matching shorts, heavy sandals, and wide-striped tshirts are trending, and after all, when one has a chic look, why not double it?

  • Seoul fashion report

    Linen linen linen. Summer is hot and humid in Seoul, and nothing’s quite as nice as an open weave on overheated skin. Wear it loose and relaxed; drifting open silhouettes for dresses, untucked and open-necked for shirts. And if you can’t find a neutral shade to suit, go wild with colourful jungle prints.

  • Seoul fashion report:

    One of our favourite looks sees young women pairing bobbed hair at a classic length, with bold red lips. Then a long, soft knit cardigan or sweater over a calf-length skirt for a classic urban Seoul style.

  • Seoul fashion report, final

    Gangnam is still wearing black.

  • Seoul Fashion report

    Trousers. The slim leg is still here, particularly appropriate for the crowded metro, but Seoul is saying annyeong to the wider leg as well. The cooling weather says wool wool wool, in earth tones, pleated fronts, and classic herringbone. Braver souls take their geometrics larger with oversized plaids and bold contrast.