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  • excellently Bgrade SF telly

    I will watch any SF or supernatural television program at least once. Some stick, some don’t. I favour programs with female protagonists. I like queer stories or subtexts because they tend to fuck up the gender norms. Besides the usual big names (Buffy, Dr Who), I am also into Bgrade stuff. Mostly because Bgrade stuff […]

  • oo, interesting

    I just discovered Jasika Nicole, the actress who plays Astrid, is gay. She is also a scribbler and she has a blog.

  • adventures with badass sistahs in outer space: olivia dunham

    I love SF telly. I love it. I watch every SF program, just in case. I also like supernatural, fantasy and general make believe stuff. But I tend to have less patience with programs that do not have good female characters. I make exceptions for programs like Supernatural which explore male characters and masculinity in […]

  • television round up

    1. Dollhouse is crap. Because: – I’m pretty sure it fails the Bechdel test. – the gender stuff sucks arse. A bunch of beautiful young women kept, powerless, by a business which rents out their bodies for vast sums of cash. It’d be horrifying if there was no chance of it ever coming … true… […]