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  • excellently Bgrade SF telly

    I will watch any SF or supernatural television program at least once. Some stick, some don’t. I favour programs with female protagonists. I like queer stories or subtexts because they tend to fuck up the gender norms. Besides the usual big names (Buffy, Dr Who), I am also into Bgrade stuff. Mostly because Bgrade stuff […]

  • adventures with badass sistahs in outer space: olivia dunham

    I love SF telly. I love it. I watch every SF program, just in case. I also like supernatural, fantasy and general make believe stuff. But I tend to have less patience with programs that do not have good female characters. I make exceptions for programs like Supernatural which explore male characters and masculinity in […]

  • Smallville v Sunnydale

    In the video shop* the other day, I picked up the first disc in the first season of Smallville. I have to admit, I was inspired by my recent (and pleasant) experience with Superman Returns [insert insanely effusive gushing over the Alien Beauty that is the noo soops], and I’m not sure I’ll stick with […]

  • it’s ok – don’t panic

    To all those who’ve checked up on me after the sicky bubs post: thanks and I’m ok. Status report: as per usual, the second wave of serious head cold (which, incidentally, also struck down my father this week – in two rounds – no doubt an indication of the vulnerability of small-nostrilled people to this […]

  • I am John Travolta

    In our house The Squeeze is convinced that BB is not only foul, but also immoral. He leaves the room if it’s on. I don’t care much either way, in fact I’m watching it now. I’d prefer it if it was unedited, and just a bunch of people in a room with no ‘tasks’ – […]

  • i can’t tame wild women…

    In response to scott’s comment here, on the Whedon EqualityNow speech. I was quite struck by Whedon’s comment about not only writing strong women characters but also writing male characters who thought they were the fushizzle. One the one hand – yay! – but on the other, I was reminded of some thoughts I’d had […]

  • so why do you write these strong women characters…?

    If there was any reason why you wouldn’t marry Joss Whedon, his Equalitynow speech will do away with it.

  • so like, you know

    So I’ve watched the OC about 4 or maybe even 5 weeks in a row now. I think I’m hooked. It’s so completely ridiculous – the ‘teenagers’ speak like world-weary script writers, everyone’s either really rich or ‘living in a caravan’ and really rich. Even the ‘poorest’ characters wear clothes that are about 10 million […]