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  • Meat and Potatoes

    I went pretty hard on the heavy, chunky stuff at Herrang this year. Mostly because I was hearing a lot of tinkly cerebral jazz and got a bit bored. On Wednesday night I DJed a taxi dance for charity, where teachers danced with anyone who’d pay 20 crowns. It was a hard gig. The tempos […]

  • 8 tracks: Australians in Herräng

    Some of the songs I played as a staff DJ at Herräng in 2015 that included Australian musicians in the recording. Australians at Herräng 2015 from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. link Georgia Bo Bo 137 1952 Graeme Bell and his Australian Jazz Band Graeme Bell the AMI Australian Recordings Tar Paper Stomp 176 2004 Tom […]

  • 8tracks: Live shows and radio transcripts

    Live shows and radio transcripts from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. linky Goin’ To Chicago Count Basie and his Orchestra (Jimmy Rushing) 95 1941 Cafe Society Uptown 1941 3:46 Fine And Mellow Mal Waldron and the All-Stars (Billie Holiday, Roy Eldridge, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Milt Hinton) 79 1957 The Sound Of Jazz 6:22 Deep Trouble […]

  • Imitation and Innovation 8tracks

    This is a post that continues my thinking from that previous post about Basie and Jazz BANG, but here I work specifically with Count Basie and his influences. This post is a product of some discussion on facebook about Basie (and my previous 8tracks post), and really has grown out of this Basie session at […]

  • Avant Garden 8tracks

    Some songs I like at the moment, many of which are a little odd, structurally or melodically. Avant Garden from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. linky Photo from Shorpy. Watch for the Slam Stewart incidences. Snafu 1946 Esquire All-American Award Winners (Louis Armstrong, Neal Hefti, Jimmy Hamilton, Johnny Hodges, Don Byas, Billy Strayhorn, Remo Palmieri, Chubby […]

  • Hot Foot Stomp 2

    Hot Foot Stomp 2 from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. A couple of friends and I are running the second Hot Foot Stomp dance in a week or so, and I’m having a look at some music I might play. We’re going for more a rent party sort of vibe, as we’re using a studio space […]

  • 8tracks: I took requests

    I took requests from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. So there was (yet another) fuck up at MLX, and I had to quickly fill in a bit of set time in the back room to cope with some overflow. Basically, what was going to become the blues room had to become a lindy hop room until […]

  • 8tracks: Little MLX late night set

    Little MLX late night lindy hop from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. So, I DJed a few sets at MLX this past weekend. The second one was in the back room, which became a lindy hop room while the main room became a blues room with a live band. Yeah, don’t ask me about that. It […]

  • 8tracks: Swingin’ at the Peebs

    Swingin' at the Peebs from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. Here are some songs we play a lot in our classes. For our beginner lindy hop and our solo classes. I’ve just uploaded the songs randomly because we tend to play them randomly in class. Songs: (title artist year album length) A Viper’s Moan Willie Bryant […]

  • Shouting 8 track

    Shouting from dogpossum on 8tracks Radio. name artist bpm length album year Intro / Time’s Gettin’ Tougher Than Tough – Jimmy Witherspoon with Roy Eldridge, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Woody Herman, Earl Hines, Vernon Alley, Mel Lewis – 134 – 3:35 – The ‘Spoon Concerts – 1959 Splanky Count Basie and his Orchestra – 120 […]