fitness: c25k w1r1

km tracked: 3.51, duration: 00:30, pace: 08:32, calories: 389, effort: 1/5, feeling: great
Did the first c25k run this morning because I _really_ wanted to get out and do some running but couldn’t trust myself not to overdo it. It was frustrating to have to stop running during the intervals, but the gentler program was a very good idea.
Now have about sixty million exercises and stretches to do post-running, so that takes me _longer_ than the actual runs.
It was very nice to get out again, and my knees feel ok atm. We’ll see how they feel tomorrow, though.
I think I’ll keep going with c25k from the beginning 3 days a week, but alternate it with some cycling and yoga to get a proper amount of exercise. If my joints can hack it. Will take it easy for now, though, until the podiatrist’s exercises get me full of strongs.

fitness: walking

km tracked: 4, calories: 117, feeling: good, effort: 2/5
A little walk to work out the kinks after some serious stretching.